Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

This episode of Ringer had to be one of the most revealing yet. B-Siobhan, in trying to find out more about Siobhan, seeks out her therapist and discovers that she is falling in love with Andrew. Stealing a document of Siobhan's last session, B realises that Siobhan thought someone was stalking her and felt unsafe, with a location of a church noted as a solution.

When B visits the church, she sees Charlie there, drinking, and realises she can no longer trust him. Malcolm, after some snooping, finds out that Charlie is in reality called John and discovers that he has another property. 

Malcolm visits the property whilst B distracts Charlie/John and he almost discovers the basement where Gemma is being held captive, but we know she is alive... for now. Charlie leaves a message on Siobhan's  phone telling her that B's onto him.

Andrew plans a vacation with Siobhan and his partner, Olivia is getting concerned about his work priorities and also with Gemma's father being super wealthy, yet sick, she wants to close in on a deal with him. Andrew, however, does not think it is moral and tells her not to pursue it.

When Olivia visits Andrew with paper work, she finds a picture of him and Siobhan looking intimate on his phone and sends it to herself.

Will Olivia use the picture to blackmail Siobhan, or will she try to split them her and Andrew up by sending it to him? Will Gemma's location be discovered? How will Siobhan/Charlie deal with B's discovery of his identity? Can't wait for next week's ep!

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