Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

There was no sign of a baby during the ultrasound and Andrew is upset about the supposed miscarriage. Henry finds out from Juliet about the baby and tells B-Siobhan that it's finally over between them.

Charlie seeks out Bridget-Siobhan and tells her he found nothing in Gemma's car. B-Siobhan tells him that her old sponsor Malcolm is in town and he passes this onto real Siobhan who tells him to 'deal with it'.

Machado discovers Malcolm's presence in New York from an ATM screen grab and blackmails B-Siobhan to wear a wire during their meet up. She cleverly reveals she is wearing a wire by placing a note in the menu. 

Juliet is still having trouble with Tessa at school and she fancies her teacher, but he has reassigned her to another class, she persists by joining a club that he runs. 

Siobhan tells Juliet that she doesn't think she'll try with Andrew for another baby which Andrew overhears and gets upset about. 

Tyler is apparently working for Andrew and he intervenes his trip to Rome by inviting him over to New York for dinner, which B-Siobhan also attends. As real Siobhan is sleeping with him in Paris, he gets very confused and angry and breaks it off with real Siobhan who will subsequently get angry and have to scheme a bit more.

Malcolm goes to B-Siobhan for help and she takes him to Charlie, who is supposed to help him, but I feel he might do the opposite to satisfy real Siobhan's desires.

What will real Siobhan do about her circumstances now? And will Charlie kill Malcolm, or help him?

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