Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Given the two week hiatus, the show is back with an amazing new episode which continues the story of Bridget impersonating her sister. The first striking thing is that when questioned at the police station, both Andrew and Henry named Bridget Kelly as the person in the photo shown- which is baffling as they shouldn't know who she is.

This is explained by Siobhan revealing that she has a twin sister to Andrew and Henry the day before they all go in for questioning, as well as cleverly calling herself from the mysterious phone as Bridget saying she has left New York.

The camerawork during the section she tells Andrew and Henry the truth was so beautifully shot, the colours, scene changes... it was perfect in style. 

Agent Machado tells Bridget-Siobhan that Malcolm is missing and from a flashback, reveals that they were lovers. Meanwhile, Malcolm escapes from his captors and goes to New York to find Bridget.

Juliet goes away for the weekend and helps her drunk friend at a party, but ends up in a car crash. Andrew suspends her trust fund.  

At Gemma's art pavillion unveiling, Siobhan sees Malcolm and faints. At the hospital, the doctors ask to do an ultrasound to check on her baby.

Bridget-Siobhan seeks out Charlie (apparently a cop) to help her with the investigation by telling him where to find Gemma's car. He goes to the car to find blood stains and wipes them away. He then calls real Siobhan telling her he'll wait for her next instruction. D:

I was wondering when she'd have to reveal she isn't really pregnant/how she overcomes the problem of her lack of baby. Also, now we know Charlie's working for real Siobhan, I wonder what she's up to as she also knows that Bridget is impersonating her. Was that her plan all along? or...

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