Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Another heartstopping episode to top the last! Malcolm goes to Siobhan with the phone he found at Charlie/John's apartment after charging it to discover it was actually Gemma's and they tip the detectives. With Charlie/John knowing that Siobhan knows he has Gemma, he cleverly moves her to another location whilst the detectives search his apartment.

Charlie/John calls real Siobhan to tell her that it has gone too far and he is going to kill Gemma unless she doubles his pay. He also goes to B=Siobhan asking for a ransom in exchange for Gemma's life. Siobhan prepares the money whilst Andrew walks in and gives her a ring to put towards the ransom which was going to be anniversary present- he was going to propose again. Aww!

As they wait at the station, Charlie/John calls Siobhan telling her that there are detectives outside and he won't be showing up, only to discover it was Henry's doing. The detectives tell them that prints from the phone ran back to Charlie/John and they're pursuing him, though he was not to be found at either of his apartments. Siobhan gives them a slip to a warehouse store.

Charlie/John shoots Gemma in a parking lot. He drives her body to the warehouse to dump. As he opens the boot, there is no body; Gemma whacks him from behind with a crowbar. He falls to the floor. She tries to call the police with his cell phone but there is no signal. She clambers into the car for his keys, but he comes behind her and shoots her in the head.

As Charlie/John is dragging Gemma's body into the warehouse, real Siobhan appears and points a gun at his head. He wrestles her but ultimately, he gets shot and Siobhan made it look like suicide. 

Whilst in a taxi, real Siobhan gets a phone call from the Tyler and he tells her that he found a pregnancy test in the things she's left at the hotel and asks if it is his. She says yes, even though it is actually Henry's. Looks like her scheme is back if he is responsible. 

With Charlie/John AND Gemma gone, it looks like noone will reveal Bridget's secret, but Siobhan is now in New York and says she will be staying a while. Will she stay hidden or will she cause trouble for Bridget?

As an aside this episode, Agent Machado discovers the inside man of crime boss Macaurawafay (no idea how to spell his name so will prob change each time lol) and Juliet gets taken advantaged of by her teacher.

The next episode will be on January 10th? I can't wait that long!!

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