Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' Album Review

Rihanna's new album, 'Talk that Talk' will be her sixth album to date (she's popping them out like puppies)! She has released an album every year since 2005 apart from 2008 after the 'Chris Brown' incident.

I like the development of the 'R' Logo and her lips, but nothing else about the cover. Definitely prefer the deluxe album cover (black and white)- much edgier.

The album starts off with a cute track called 'You Da One' which is catchy but doesn't quite make much of an impact, leading into the second track 'Where have you been' which is made for a club, a track with perhaps the most heavily produced club sound yet.

Collaborating with some big names on 'Talk that Talk', 'We Found Love' is a sickly addictive song which is just too catchy, even if you don't want to have it in your head, it is pure infectious. The visuals in the music video, however controversial, compliments the music and when you listen to the song, just think of those flashes of colour and craziness. 

'Talk That Talk' with Jay-Z has a nice sound but the rap is slightly broken, though a nice lead into the song. The style/structure reminds me of 'Umbrella' in which he leads her into the track.

Lyrically, there are some gems like 'Farewell', but also some 'S&M'-esque mumble jumble found in 'Cockiness (Love It)': "Suck my cockiness, Lick my persuasion, Eat my words and then Swallow all your pride down, down..." and musically, it isn't great either.

One of the most outrageous track titles I've ever seen, 'Birthday Cake', is also the most outrageous track on the album- it sounds horrendous and is not helped by the lyrics. SKIP!!

The latter half of the album is definitely better than the first half, with standout tracks 'Farewell' and 'Drunk on Love' (reminds me of 'Only Girl' - 'take me away' bit...), interspersed with catchy track 'Roc Me Out'. The album ends perfectly with the stunning ballad 'Farewell'.

The track list is as follows:

1. You Da One 3.5/5
2. Where Have You Been 3/5
3. We Found Love Feat. Calvin Harris 4/5
4. Talk That Talk Feat. Jay-Z 3.5/5
5. Cockiness (Love It) 3/5
6. Birthday Cake 2/5
7. We All Want Love 3.5/5
8. Drunk On Love 5/5
9. Roc Me Out 4/5
10. Watch n' Learn 3.5/5
11. Farewell 5/5

SONGS TO LOVE: Farewell, Drunk on Love
SONGS TO SKIP: Cockiness (Love It), Birthday Cake

~~~OVERALL 3.5/5~~~
'Talk That Talk' offers very little pleasure to listen to and definitely does not improve upon previous albums 'Good Girl Gone Bad', 'Rated R' or even 'Loud'. Whilst a few tracks do offer development and stands out ('Farewell', 'Drunk on Love'), most of the tracks just seem like no thought has been put into them- they're either just full of meaningless raunchy lyrics or just musically unappealing.

Perhaps Rihanna's next step is to take it slow and actually spend longer on her albums- just because people race to buy her CD doesn't mean it's actually much good as a whole. Get the individual tracks instead, I say! 

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