Friday, 4 November 2011

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' Album Preview

'Talk that Talk' will be Rihanna's sixth studio album (she's popping them out like puppies)! She has released an album every year since 2005 apart from 2008 after the 'Chris Brown' incident.

The album will have two covers. I definitely prefer the black and white one, and love the development of the 'R' logo.

The tracklist for the deluxe edition is:

1. You Da One
2. Where Have You Been
3. We Found Love Feat. Calvin Harris
4. Talk That Talk Feat. Jay-Z
5. Cockiness (Love It)
6. Birthday Cake
7. We All Want Love
8. Drunk On Love
9. Roc Me Out
10. Watch n' Learn
11. Farewell

Bonus Tracks
12. Red Lipstick
13. Do Your Thing
14. Fool In Love

Lead single 'We Found Love' ft. Calvin Harris has reached #1 in the UK and all across Europe. Personally the song is pretty addictive but temporary. Some of the song titles are questionable (Birthday Cake, Cockiness) though I'm excited for the potentially deeper and suggestively more meaningful Farewell, We All Want Love

'Loud' did not do it for me- there were some fun tracks but nothing significant, apart from her collab with Eminem (Love The Way You Lie Part 2), Nivea endorsed ballad 'California King Bed' and her Dorito's promo 'Who's That Chick' which is just pure infectious.
Given it's a Rihanna album, whatever it sounds like, it will no doubt sell. The album will be released in two weeks, on November 18th.The album will be released in two weeks, on November 18th.

UPDATE: I have just heard the album preview and the standouts are: We All Want Love, Drunk on Love (powerful, like CKB?), Farewell. You Da One sounds quite catchy too.

Not looking forward to: Talk That Talk (where's Rihanna!), Cockiness, Birthday Cake (WTH)...

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