Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Field Trip to Amsterdam

So I came back from Amsterdam last week on my first architecture field trip this year and it was super amazing! The buildings we got to see were mostly stunning and very interesting structurally and functionally. After the mega tiring 12 hour coach journey there, we managed to find a cheap restaurant that did 5 euro pizza/pasta so we ate there.

Day 1- Amsterdam
I really liked canal houses on Java Island, Amsterdam as they were all individually unique yet complimented each other perfectly. The bridges were also designed by artists which made it very distinctive. The library was also amazing- it was a social hub not just for reading but for meeting people, learning, experiencing, living...

It was a really long day but I saw so much which was really good- and had a long night of working on the sketchbook :P

Sites visited: Canal Houses, Borneo Sling, Python Bridge, Concert Hall, Amsterdam Library, NeMo Science and Technology centre, Arcam, some multicoloured horror of a building and a modern office building, Rijksmuseum

Day 2- Utrecht
The highlight of the day was definitely seeing the Schroder House which not every group got to go into- seeing how all the different mechanisms worked was really intriguing and whilst the house doesn't really work for living in, it was definitely a piece of 'art'.

I also liked the Utrecht Library- it was a labyrinth of darkness but the windows were amazing both inside and outside- reflecting the light and clouds. 

The Hilversum town hall was a bit boring given we skipped the Hilversum music and visual hall to go there and it was definitely disappointing after being told it would be 'amazing'. We did adventurously trespass up to the clock tower which was scary and nerveracking as there was no security, all the doors were unlocked and we just clambered up these wooden steps to the top.

Sites visited: Utrecht University buildings, Schroder House, Hilversum Town Hall

Day 3- Amsterdam
The third day was a pretty easy day, though it was pretty bad weather. We went for a mega long walk across the city to 'sense the historical past' of Amsterdam before ending up at the Van Gogh museum and seeing most of his work.

We had the rest of the day free so we went to a lovely cafe called 'Bagel and Beans' and then went souvenir shopping.

Sites visited: Walk across the city, Van Gogh Museum

Day 4- Rotterdam/Delft
Rotterdam is such an arty city- there are sculptures and pieces of art everywhere you look- the art museum was also very contemporary and the artwork was right up my street- loved the coat hangers in the main hall. They had a Richard Serra piece (an artist I looked at in art last year) but only one so it was a bit disappointing as it would be amazing to have more... but still good to have seen something of his.

The Erasmus Bridge was also stunning, and I was really glad to have met up with Maggie from the Sweden Mission trip at Delft!

Sites visited: Sonneveld House, Art museum, Erasmus Bridge, Luxor, Delft University Library

Day 5- Leaving for Home...
Another long coach journey back on Saturday. Had to hand in my sketchbook on Monday so worked for 16 hours on Sunday, sleeping at 2am to get it done. >< soo tired!! 

Check out some of the photography I did in Amsterdam HERE and Other Photos below:


  1. I LOVE the Netherlands, I've got friends there so I'm always there. Your pictures look great


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