Sunday, 27 November 2011

Car Park Tower by Mozhao Studio


The car park tower, to some extent, is a public building where people can traverse and stay for a while. The top floor, which has high value due to having a great view of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon, composes Café and multi-functional area where the public can access anytime.

The planning issue rooted in history results in high vacancy rate in most of the parking lots on non-work days. Besides, by adding the time dimension, the approach of transforming programs of the same place is a significant factor for solving the problem of scarce land and creating dynamic urban environment in Hong Kong. Therefore, on non-work days, by chang¬ing the car routes the parking space close to the ground floor is transformed into a temporary market which is auxiliary to the Hong Kong City Hall. This transformation brings vitality and energy to the parking space and offers small business opportunities for individuals.

For a city built of skyscrapers, this car park design in Hong Kong is perfectly suited to the site. It will make a great addition to the skyline and the multipurpose and adaptational space that it will provide will also be very functional. I'm very excited for this project and hope to see it upon completion!

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