Monday, 28 November 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 11 (Recap Episode) Recap

So it took them ages to upload the ANTM recap episode... won't be recapping much apart from entertaining bits they cut out, good quotes, and any fun gifs. 

What they didn't show that was interesting:
-Shannon speaks to producer/security during Kardasian runway when Bianca gets aggressive.
-Lisa and Laura teach Shannon about sex.
-Allison tries to talk to Alexandria about how she is being portrayed.

-The Girls celebrate Laura's birthday with an ice cream cake. 
-Laura won a massage for being the girl who was scored the best amongst the girls, and she picked Angelea.
-Angelea's face when Tyra called her name instead of Dominique.

Good Quotes:
-Kayla: 'How do I put free on a hotdog without just adjusting the price or something?'

-[Whilst hugging Alexandria] Allison: 'It's a creature hug.'

-Jay: 'Today you will be embodying your persona.'
Kayla: 'Persona? What's persona?'

-Kayla [to Bianca]: 'Your weakness is that you're portrayed as a bitch and bitches never win.'

-Laura [to Shannon]: 'Your husband can watch.'

-Laura [to Shannon]: 'How do you think I'm so happy all the time?... just joking.'

-Alexandria: 'Pop Ledom is Top Model spelled backwards.'

A LOT of people wanted to see 'roll the tape' footage which basically was some drama which happened in panel, where one of the girls told Tyra to 'roll the tape', much like the unaired Natalie incident in her cycle where she embarked on a shouting war with Tyra. 

Most likely the reason for not showing it was that it put Tyra in a bad light, or the exposure of the 'fix' factor or anything like that. The most dramatic aired scene of ANTM which is Tyra and Tiffany's shouting match in Cycle 4 was probably only shown because Tyra seemed really powerful and strong and Tiffany just seemed stupid. Had it been the other way around, it too might not have been aired.

Anyway, this recap wasn't great. The first half was just all Bianca (yawn)... and there was really nothing in the second half. Though, some great quotes.

New episode this Thursday, where the girls will be in Tyra's motion editorial. Who will be America's Next Top Model?

Here's what you're in for next week, so don't miss it!


  1. The sex talk was hilarious. I wanted more of that instead of Bianca's tantrums

  2. Definitely- I thought there'd be much more interesting footage than what was shown. AND I really wanted Bre to confront Lisa over the granola bar or atleast speak of it


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