Thursday, 17 November 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 10 Recap

The first Tyra Mail the girls get reads 'Tomorrow, you will meet with the judges...' which the girls get nervous about as they've just had panel.

The Tyra Mail leads them to a challenge in which a casting is simulated but the judges will be the other girls. When asked who doesn't deserve to be in the competition, Dominique says Angelea and Laura agrees, saying she is too guarded and not letting her personality shine through.

Angelea takes this the wrong way and thinks they're attacking her and gets uber-defensive, storming out, leaving the others in tears. When she returns and is asked who has the least potential, Angelea says 'none of them'.

The girls are then asked to score each other on who has the best runway walk, portfolio and overall star quality. The girl deemed the weakest (by the other girls), is Allison, whilst Laura is voted to having the most potential. This is super ridiculous, and Lisa rightfully says she isn't surprised Laura won given she's the lowest threat.

The girls get some time off and get taken on a trip by a Crete socialite. They go swimming and then head to a party. The socialite keeps getting the girls drinks, and Allison just hilariously throws it over her shoulder. 

For the photo shoot, the girls put a twist on the Olympic games by having fashion accessories instead of the actual sport? hence explaining Allison's handbag opposed to her holding a discus. 

Dominique- Javelin
She has some good poses but not a lot of movement! Nigel questions her personality and who she really is.

Allison- Discus
Allison struggled to begin with but when they slowed her movements down, she got some good shots. Nigel thought she was awkward- but she IS an awkward girl!! 

Lisa- Hurdles
Lisa didn't want to jump again because she already had her legs apart (distastefully) in two previous shoots, and Nigel tells her to not be reserved. She ends up jumping which looks nice given she had a very light silk train.

Laura- Archery
Laura did a really good job and gave a wide range of poses- she did look good in every shot!

Angelea- Shot put 
Perhaps having the hardest object, Angelea struggles and is awkward in the shoot. She gets a shell instead of the real shot put.

The girls are nervous about panel. Dominique quotes that she was eliminated the last time she shot with Nigel, whilst Allison is nervous for her photo and has a 'bad feeling' about it. Angelea thinks she will go home if she ends up being in the bottom two.

At panel, Allison got good feedback but Andre rightfully pointed out that her other heel is sinking into the ground which is a big no no. I'm glad he noticed it! I personally didn't really like the picture- her head seems really small compared to her body and why would they give her that horrendous outfit!?

The judges all loved Lisa's photo. Dominique's photo was a bit awkward. When asked what sport she representing, Angelea couldn't name it, calling it put shot. Someone said that it was high fashion (no it's not!!) but Tyra criticised it saying her film was bad. Laura got good feedback across the board- I liked her knee mirroring the bow, but Andre thought it was a concern, making the dress look like spandex. 

Laura or Lisa will get first call out, with the other to follow. Allison will be called third with Dominique and Angelea in the bottom... So who goes? I think Angelea!!! but who actually will?

So... first girl called is... 

Laura! Followed by Allison!! (wow! really!?) yay! Lisa comes third. In the bottom two are Dominique and Angelea. Tyra tells them that Angelea's photos are not as good as Dominique's, but she is memorable, and they eliminate Dominique! Whaatt!? Her photos are sooo much better and she's never been in the bottom two... Meh... one less competitor for Allison. 

Interestingly, SHE DOES GET ELIMINATED after her shoot with Nigel, AGAIN!

Dominique has gone on to release a music video- so she has atleast accomplished something post this All Star cycle!

So my top three are going to be based on who I think will be in the top three:

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Lisa

Next week is the recap episode... meh.


  1. Enough already, Angelea needs to GO

  2. I think tyra is shooting them the week after next, so hopefully she will get the boot then!

  3. OMG, Laura's photoshoot blew me away <3


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