Thursday, 10 November 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 9 Recap

The girls go out to lunch and Angelea reveals that she thinks Dominique is fake. When the girls return home and sees Allison's music video on loop, Lisa comments on being the whole package whilst Allison is lacking what the judges are looking for.

Andre pops in and tells the girls they will be going to Greece. The girls arrive and are told by Miss Jay that they will continue their journey by flying to Crete. On the flight, they will need to prepare a one minute speech for a press conference in Crete. 

As standard ANTM the ticks and the 'pings' indicate good points... Lisa did really well until she went 'rock and roll' crazy, Allison rocked her speech and will most likely win. Shannon didn't say much Greek. Laura struggled starting and was a mess, stating she would want to be the Greek goddess 'Venus' (BUZZER) - APHRODITE!! and Angelea ruined hers by ending it with a bathroom, said wrongly in Greek. 

Of course, Allison wins the challenge and wins a piece of Greek jewellery. 

The girls get a surprise from Mr Jay who tells them Michael Cinco, who did those AMAZING gowns for the trash shoot in cycle 16, will be designing the final runway gowns and that the girls get to work with him to design their final runway gown. This is pretty awesome; I'm really excited to see what they come up with knowing how his pieces are very evocative and conceptual. 

The concept will be 'immortal goddess' (sounds amazing) and Allison would look phenomenal in whatever they come up with! Allison's idea is 'dark and romantic' -LOVE IT. Lisa wants lights which Michael calls 'tacky'. 

For the photoshoot, the girls will be modelling underwear in a Greek salad bowl- weird... hotdogs now salad? Pfft. Shannon gets annoyed that she has to model underwear again and refuses to do it. The stylist says 'no offence, but it's easier to change the model than the clothes' - Preach! Mr Jay tries to persuade her to do it and even though it DOES look like a bathing suit, she still refuses.

Dominique does a good job on set, Angelea does OK, Allison struggles because she has vampire vision and her eyes tear up in the sun- I thought she looked phenomenal in her 'underwear' with the pearl beads on the shoulders; she also describes stepping into the salad bowl as stepping on someone's organs. Lisa does well and Laura, despite being sick, Laura does a good job but Mr Jay did not think she was 'model'.

At panel, Allison is critiqued for having her eyes closed given that is her 'selling point', Dominique gets a good feedback, Angelea is called awkward to shoot as she said it was awkward posing in the bowl, Lisa had a good photo, Laura was called 'erotic' by Nigel yet Andre didn't like it and Shannon was critiqued for being confusing about what she stands for and what she will and will not model. 

I feel that Dominique will probably get first call out with Allison to follow. The judges also talked a long time about Shannon and Tyra seems to like/love Shannon's firmness, so I think the bottom two will be Shannon and Angelea/Laura with whoever Shannon is paired with going home.

The first girl called is... 

Dominique followed by Allison and Angelea. The bottom two are Laura and Shannon... and SHANNON goes home! D: I thought Tyra would've saved her! Oh well... atleast Laura stayed.

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Dominique


  1. I'm getting sick of this branding thing. Laura is versatile and all they care about is that she's not girly sweet in her pictures all the time. Meh

  2. I feel the judges and the editing are trying to show the girls too one dimensionally which is annoying.

  3. I'm so impressed by Dominique. In cycle 10 I was like "okay, an other bitchy girl in ANTM" but in cycle 17 she takes gorgeous photos and that's one of them. I also loved Laura's photo!


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