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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 8 Recap

The girls get plunged straight into their episode task which is to write their own song and to film their music video.

Whilst most models won't EVER venture into a music career, rendering this ep's focus completely bizarre, it could only be remotely justified by the fact that a few girls are interested in a music career (Lisa, Alexandria) and Allison is interested in artistic direction etc. To have a whole ep focussed on a few girl's ambitions seems to shout favouritism to me but I'm sure the other girls will do relatively well anyway, and if not, provide us with a few laughs.

That's just lucky that Bianca was gone last week, cos she'd have none of this.

Poor Allison is scared because she can't sing and she is so cute in her confessionals... all this screen time is making me a bit worried for her... but surely she can't be eliminated yet! Bottom two perhaps by the editing... but... we'll see.
She also struggles with writing the track but then she writes about her father who passed away and the guy who was helping them with the lyrics says 'he loves it'... In the end, the winner is Lisa. Of course.

The girls already have a music track written for them and they have 20 mins to write the lyrics to it. The lyrics will be reviewed as the challenge and the winner will receive a visit from a loved one.

The stupidity of the task is further heightened by the fact that their song has to revolve around 'Pot Ledom' which is 'Top Model' spelt backwards. Lame x10000000000000. If Tyra had just let the girls go off to write meaningful songs which reflected their 'brand', FINE, but this? Pffft.

Allison is even more frustrated given this 'twist' as her song is very emotional and this just wouldn't work with her song and it's so true. Urgh. However, she got it together and sang really well.

Laura and Alexandria's voices weren't great... EEEK...

At their music video shoot, GAME was there to help direct their shoot.

Dominique was told not to go down too much though she couldn't help it cos she kept tripping on the rails. That said, her screen capture looks stunning.

Alexandria was stiff and was told to use the car... I felt that she was a bit dead and she didn't really use the car much. Like Rihanna's 'Shut Up and Drive' Video she could've done a lot more with the car and had some fun with it. She's going home me thinks!

Tyra then pops in with Keenan Cahill to feature in the girls' videos. URGH- such tackiness.

Lisa does a phenomenal job and Laura also does a fun job- though her song is a bit tacky... tad Taylor Swift but just a million times too tacky. Allison does a great job as well with lots of praise from GAME and Jay.

At panel, the girls' videos were reviewed.

Dominique- Tooch Ya Booty
I thought her chorus was really catchy and there were some nice moves in there... A beautiful setting as well.Tyra was pretty hilarious in the vid though definitely did not add anything of class.

Laura- Southern Sweet Girl
I thought her video was fun but the whole thing was tacky instead of just Tyra's part... musically, it wasn't there at all and there's nothing viral about it.

Angelea- I'm Here
She was attached to that fence a bit too much like Andre pointed out and I didn't really like the song.

Alexandria- Go, Go, Go...
I thought her song was definitely catchy in some way though her video was slow and more mellow which didn't quite work. Bottom two definitely...

Shannon- World Go Round
Shannon's voice was horrible during recording, but her autotune made it much better. She was sweet in the video, a little Delta Goodrem and loved the ending when she walked through the veil.

Lisa- I be Like Whoa
Lisa's video was amazing as was her song and definitely a contender for first call out but I have a feeling Allison MIGHT steal it from her... given all her screen time. She gets praise from all the judges and GAME says he would have it on his iPod.

Allison- Underwater
All the judges also love her video, Tyra thought it was mesmerising and touched her emotionally. Nigel says he would get her song and Game compliments on her weirdness. 

Alexandria will most likely be eliminated. Her performance was the worst. It is Allison and Lisa up for first call out.
In the end, the first girl called is...

ALLISON YESSS!!! Followed by Lisa and Dominique. . In the bottom two are Alexandria and Angelea. Alexandria will definitely go home she has not done well at all this time around and there is no reason for her to stay... and she does!

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Dominique

If you can't get Allison's song out of your head, here are the lyrics!

Allison - Underwater
Brother sister mother father
Sleeping standing underwater
Fierce pot ledom
Sinking swimming floating dreaming
Forward moving backward thinking
Pot ledom
Brrother sister mother father
1 2 3 4 underwater
1 2 3 4 underwater.... underwater...
Pot ledom, top model backwards


  1. That pot ledom was such a crap bit of the challenge and Trya and that mideget popping up to ruin their videos was ridiculous. Why can't Tyra make her own music videos instead of ruining others? Yay for Allison, I'm so glad she was on top again

  2. I'm also glad she got first call out!! Her song is definitely catchy i couldnt get it out of my head!!

  3. I actually liked Alexandria's song, quite catchy but the video sucked. I love Laura but OMG her song was terrible even though she was so cute in it. Lisa's was great even though its just not my type of song at all. I absolutely love that GIF of Allison on the swing btw, so cute

  4. I was surprised her song came into my mind the other day i just kepy singing 'go go go' randomly :P

  5. i love allison so much..she's stunning :)

  6. It's really nice that GAME was attracted by Allison


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