Friday, 25 November 2011

10 Funky Christmas Gift Ideas (2011)

It's ONE MONTH till Christmas!! So here is a short list of fun, quirky gifts you could be giving to your friends and family, or for your secret santas.

1. Like/Dislike Stamps
I'd just go wild if I had these. I'd carry it with me at all times and just stamp on whatever/whoever I liked or disliked :P just imagine the fun they'd have!

2. Transparent Glass Milk Carton Jug
I'd always fantasised about this. It is just perfectly designed. I WILL down one in the future. Perfect for any home and anyone who appreciates good design.

3. Lego Lunch Box
This is just pure awesome. Whilst not the most practical, with it's exterior stumps, it just looks amazing, and if you have more than one, you can stack them.... oh wait... you can't can you? I don't think the base is grooved, but anyway, cool either way!

4. Stealth Laptop Sleeve
Now this is going on my Christmas list. Carrying my laptop back and forth from home to uni and around uni just won't do with a typical black laptop bag/sleeve. I WANT THIS!! I'm sure you know people who will make great use of such a sleeve! Plus you can customise it and write your address on it etc!

5. 'Thirst' Extinguisher Water Canister
Another really cool design- I'm quite desperately in need of a water bottle but just bought this for a friend for secret santa cos he's an outdoorsy person, so don't think I can get one for myself now :( but still, it's a great design and perfect for anyone!

6. Lotso Plush
A christmas list won't be a christmas list without soft toys now would it? A much desired plush is the Lotso bear from Toy Story 3- he's big, soft and smells of strawberries. What more do you want? Oh, he talks too.

7. Pixel Oven Mitts
These are pretty cool, but they'd be cooler if they were the hand sign of the mouse cursor when you drag :P Still a nice change from the conventional.

8. Food Face Plates
Now whoever told you not to play with food would not resist if they got one of these. It would just make dinner time so much more fun don't you think? Eating would NEVER be the same again!

9. Camera Lens Cup
Quite a cool design - definitely know who I'd get this for if I was ever in need of getting him a present. Great for photography enthusiasts! And even a 'lens cap' cookie holder. :)

10. Giant Angry Birds Plush
One, to satisfy the current Angry Birds Craze, this had to be on the list. These would be amazing if you had a whole bunch of them (with a range of different birds) and had a massive plush fight. Throwing them at each other to simulate a life size Angry Birds game would be amazing- so you'd ideally want to get a whole set...

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