Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Another heartstopping episode to top the last! Malcolm goes to Siobhan with the phone he found at Charlie/John's apartment after charging it to discover it was actually Gemma's and they tip the detectives. With Charlie/John knowing that Siobhan knows he has Gemma, he cleverly moves her to another location whilst the detectives search his apartment.

Charlie/John calls real Siobhan to tell her that it has gone too far and he is going to kill Gemma unless she doubles his pay. He also goes to B=Siobhan asking for a ransom in exchange for Gemma's life. Siobhan prepares the money whilst Andrew walks in and gives her a ring to put towards the ransom which was going to be anniversary present- he was going to propose again. Aww!

As they wait at the station, Charlie/John calls Siobhan telling her that there are detectives outside and he won't be showing up, only to discover it was Henry's doing. The detectives tell them that prints from the phone ran back to Charlie/John and they're pursuing him, though he was not to be found at either of his apartments. Siobhan gives them a slip to a warehouse store.

Charlie/John shoots Gemma in a parking lot. He drives her body to the warehouse to dump. As he opens the boot, there is no body; Gemma whacks him from behind with a crowbar. He falls to the floor. She tries to call the police with his cell phone but there is no signal. She clambers into the car for his keys, but he comes behind her and shoots her in the head.

As Charlie/John is dragging Gemma's body into the warehouse, real Siobhan appears and points a gun at his head. He wrestles her but ultimately, he gets shot and Siobhan made it look like suicide. 

Whilst in a taxi, real Siobhan gets a phone call from the Tyler and he tells her that he found a pregnancy test in the things she's left at the hotel and asks if it is his. She says yes, even though it is actually Henry's. Looks like her scheme is back if he is responsible. 

With Charlie/John AND Gemma gone, it looks like noone will reveal Bridget's secret, but Siobhan is now in New York and says she will be staying a while. Will she stay hidden or will she cause trouble for Bridget?

As an aside this episode, Agent Machado discovers the inside man of crime boss Macaurawafay (no idea how to spell his name so will prob change each time lol) and Juliet gets taken advantaged of by her teacher.

The next episode will be on January 10th? I can't wait that long!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Scarlett Johansson in 'Interview' Magazine (Dec 2011)

Shot by Sølve Sundsbø, Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of Interview Magazine wearing Dolce and Gabbana. The dark and sexy photoshoot contrasts the other December cover that Scarlett has out; on Scarlett's cover of Vanity Fair, she looks super innocent (though still sexy)!

Want more Scarlett this Christmas? You can catch her at the cinema in her latest film 'We bought a Zoo' where she stars opposite Matt Damon.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

Monday, 28 November 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 11 (Recap Episode) Recap

So it took them ages to upload the ANTM recap episode... won't be recapping much apart from entertaining bits they cut out, good quotes, and any fun gifs. 

What they didn't show that was interesting:
-Shannon speaks to producer/security during Kardasian runway when Bianca gets aggressive.
-Lisa and Laura teach Shannon about sex.
-Allison tries to talk to Alexandria about how she is being portrayed.

-The Girls celebrate Laura's birthday with an ice cream cake. 
-Laura won a massage for being the girl who was scored the best amongst the girls, and she picked Angelea.
-Angelea's face when Tyra called her name instead of Dominique.

Good Quotes:
-Kayla: 'How do I put free on a hotdog without just adjusting the price or something?'

-[Whilst hugging Alexandria] Allison: 'It's a creature hug.'

-Jay: 'Today you will be embodying your persona.'
Kayla: 'Persona? What's persona?'

-Kayla [to Bianca]: 'Your weakness is that you're portrayed as a bitch and bitches never win.'

-Laura [to Shannon]: 'Your husband can watch.'

-Laura [to Shannon]: 'How do you think I'm so happy all the time?... just joking.'

-Alexandria: 'Pop Ledom is Top Model spelled backwards.'

A LOT of people wanted to see 'roll the tape' footage which basically was some drama which happened in panel, where one of the girls told Tyra to 'roll the tape', much like the unaired Natalie incident in her cycle where she embarked on a shouting war with Tyra. 

Most likely the reason for not showing it was that it put Tyra in a bad light, or the exposure of the 'fix' factor or anything like that. The most dramatic aired scene of ANTM which is Tyra and Tiffany's shouting match in Cycle 4 was probably only shown because Tyra seemed really powerful and strong and Tiffany just seemed stupid. Had it been the other way around, it too might not have been aired.

Anyway, this recap wasn't great. The first half was just all Bianca (yawn)... and there was really nothing in the second half. Though, some great quotes.

New episode this Thursday, where the girls will be in Tyra's motion editorial. Who will be America's Next Top Model?

Here's what you're in for next week, so don't miss it!

Tiger & Turtle Sculpture by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth

Designed by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, the 'Tiger and Turtle' Sculpture is every bit a piece of art as it is a functional viewing platform. Located in Duisburg, Germany, the sculpture sits on Magic Mountain and has a view of the Rhine. 

I think this is a beautiful sculpture. The roller-coaster-esque design offers that 'thrill' factor and surely when you amass the top and look over the view, it will satisfy such emotion. 

Check out more images below:

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Car Park Tower by Mozhao Studio


The car park tower, to some extent, is a public building where people can traverse and stay for a while. The top floor, which has high value due to having a great view of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon, composes Café and multi-functional area where the public can access anytime.

The planning issue rooted in history results in high vacancy rate in most of the parking lots on non-work days. Besides, by adding the time dimension, the approach of transforming programs of the same place is a significant factor for solving the problem of scarce land and creating dynamic urban environment in Hong Kong. Therefore, on non-work days, by chang¬ing the car routes the parking space close to the ground floor is transformed into a temporary market which is auxiliary to the Hong Kong City Hall. This transformation brings vitality and energy to the parking space and offers small business opportunities for individuals.

For a city built of skyscrapers, this car park design in Hong Kong is perfectly suited to the site. It will make a great addition to the skyline and the multipurpose and adaptational space that it will provide will also be very functional. I'm very excited for this project and hope to see it upon completion!

Check out more images below:


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Allison Harvard in ONE Magazine by Greg Mantis

A spread of Allison in ONE magazine shot my Greg Mantis has been released. We are still unsure if Allison wins America's Next Top Model All Stars or not, but the fact that she shot this spread could mean she is more 'into' modelling; the thing which hindered her win during her initial cycle (cycle 12).

I have every confidence she will reach the final two but will Tyra grant the other girl the prize yet again whilst Allison, deservingly is left second? We shall find out with an all new episode next week.

Check out my favourites from the shoot below:

Friday, 25 November 2011

10 Funky Christmas Gift Ideas (2011)

It's ONE MONTH till Christmas!! So here is a short list of fun, quirky gifts you could be giving to your friends and family, or for your secret santas.

1. Like/Dislike Stamps
I'd just go wild if I had these. I'd carry it with me at all times and just stamp on whatever/whoever I liked or disliked :P just imagine the fun they'd have!

2. Transparent Glass Milk Carton Jug
I'd always fantasised about this. It is just perfectly designed. I WILL down one in the future. Perfect for any home and anyone who appreciates good design.

3. Lego Lunch Box
This is just pure awesome. Whilst not the most practical, with it's exterior stumps, it just looks amazing, and if you have more than one, you can stack them.... oh wait... you can't can you? I don't think the base is grooved, but anyway, cool either way!

4. Stealth Laptop Sleeve
Now this is going on my Christmas list. Carrying my laptop back and forth from home to uni and around uni just won't do with a typical black laptop bag/sleeve. I WANT THIS!! I'm sure you know people who will make great use of such a sleeve! Plus you can customise it and write your address on it etc!

5. 'Thirst' Extinguisher Water Canister
Another really cool design- I'm quite desperately in need of a water bottle but just bought this for a friend for secret santa cos he's an outdoorsy person, so don't think I can get one for myself now :( but still, it's a great design and perfect for anyone!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Reflective Cylinder Installation by Arnaud Lapierre


Arnaud Lapierre has created an installation in Place Vendôme, Paris, which consists of a number of alternatively stacked mirrored cubes arranged in a cylinder with a opening for people to enter. The result is that the square is deconstructed and the surrounding is completely distorted. 

This is exactly what I was interested in during my A2 art project- and the way the mirrors reflect its surroundings and how there is a weave effect also links perfectly. If only I had found this beforehand!

Check out more images below:

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Enignum Furniture by Joseph Walsh

Titled 'Enignum', which carries the meaning of 'mystery' and 'wood', Joseph Walsh creates organic pieces of furniture which reflect this idea. The free flowing organic forms give life to the work and the nature of the material, as if the tree is still growing, moving, writhing. 

Not only for aesthetic appeal, Walsh explores the materiality and maximises function through form. I am in love with his work and I think I know who I'm going to ask to design my furniture!!

Check out more of his pieces below:


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Our MovieSTAR Project- Sustainable Stop Motion

Our first assignment was to create a video on sustainability and it is finally finished and submitted! Completed in Stop Motion format, we explored different areas of sustainability and how it might influence building design. 
Note: No trees have been harmed in the making of this video. All paper used will be recycled! 

Let me know what you think!

Check out our video below:

See more screens after the jump:

Alexander Kent Photography


Photographer Alexander Kent has done ads for John Lewis, ITV, Orange, Nokia, Sony and more, but what I'm truly interested in, is his personal work. Conceptual in nature, his shots are intriguing, challenges our perception and at times controversial. 

I love how many of his works link together in a series and the contrast between the images works really well. 

Check out more of his work below:


Monday, 21 November 2011

Dragon Eco Bridge by Taranta Creations

The Dragon Eco Bridge designed by Taranta Creations due to be completed in 2012, is located in Chongqing, China. With it's organic dragon-like form, it is a perfect design for the culture of China. The complex form, when viewed from the sign is a simple S shaped curve traversing across the mountain side and the river. 

Check out more images below:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' Album Review

Rihanna's new album, 'Talk that Talk' will be her sixth album to date (she's popping them out like puppies)! She has released an album every year since 2005 apart from 2008 after the 'Chris Brown' incident.

I like the development of the 'R' Logo and her lips, but nothing else about the cover. Definitely prefer the deluxe album cover (black and white)- much edgier.

The album starts off with a cute track called 'You Da One' which is catchy but doesn't quite make much of an impact, leading into the second track 'Where have you been' which is made for a club, a track with perhaps the most heavily produced club sound yet.

Collaborating with some big names on 'Talk that Talk', 'We Found Love' is a sickly addictive song which is just too catchy, even if you don't want to have it in your head, it is pure infectious. The visuals in the music video, however controversial, compliments the music and when you listen to the song, just think of those flashes of colour and craziness. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Daniel Buren- Conceptual Art Installation

Daniel Buren creates installations which intervenes with our perception by manipulating architectural space with colour, pattern and texture. It takes some time to distinguish what is real, what is reflected, what is see through... 

One of his pieces is exhibited at the art gallery I visited when I went to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands but I don't recall seeing it. :P

Check out more images below: 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera Review

The Nikon D5100 is my first DLSR camera that I've owned. I have previously used a Canon for a short photography project I enrolled into several years ago which led me to the purchase of this one (I blogged about it here lol). For the purpose of the review, I will not be posting any specs, these can easily be found on the official Nikon website; instead I will write about my experience purchasing, and using the camera.

I have always been a Nikon person though I have nothing against Canon. I just prefer Nikon and the results of Nikon cameras appeal to me. My photography mentor from the project I did suggested the D5000 or the D40. So inevitably, I started my search looking for beginner to mid-range Nikon bodies starting with those two suggested models. 

Having read through several review websites for these cameras, I then noticed the D5100 being a recent release from Nikon and being an improvement on the D5000. In this way, I was pretty much set on getting this, and it was a case of then finding the cheapest deal!

I wanted a mid-range camera that gives good results, yet help me develop my skills as I learn to use it. I don't want to keep changing the body but wish to upgrade the lens as I get better.
The camera is medium sized and isn't too bulky. When holding, the lens does not tip forward due to weight. The screen is hinged and can swivel, allowing you to take pictures at a wide range of angles, and even of yourself and your mates!

Most of the buttons are found on the top and the back of the body and they are mostly self explanatory. The arrow keys, OK, playback buttons are all well labelled for the true beginner. 

Once the battery has been charged (takes 2-3 hours), the camera lasts roughly two days of casual photo-taking. On my trip to Amsterdam, I used the camera most of the day and it lasted for about two days.

Whilst I am still experimenting with most of the features, I can comfortably take photos using the Auto, Auto no-flash, S (shutter), P (program) and a few of the EFFECTS functions. Whilst I understand the basics of the M (manual) setting, I am rather slow at getting it set up for one shot, and by that time, the subject may have well gone, the event over... 

The camera also focuses very well (due to it's 11 point focus system) and rarely focuses on the wrong object. Even if it does, you can always manually focus it in a few seconds to get that perfect shot.

I love the large colour screen which displays your picture in stunning colours and you can even do some editing on the device, which includes perspective control, distortions, colours, cropping and even add effects such as fish eye, filters and more.
This camera is rather good at taking everything you would've set in M and produce it in the AUTO function, with little difference. With a little post editing on the computer of those shots taken with AUTO, you can get a flawless picture.

I have had the camera for several months now and have tried both video and photo functions. The photos turn out spectacularly and I have no complaints about quality. The only issue I have is that the lens I already find slightly limiting, and should perhaps upgrade to the 18-108 version that my friend has and I tried using and is more broad.
The video is also very clear both visually and sound wise. The only issue I have is the format which it records in causing issues when editing- I have had to convert the file into another format before it would successfully import. Though I'm sure this is due to my editing software as much as the device and the format.

I bought the Nikon D5100 with 18-55 lens kit in September on for £579.95 with a £50 Nikon cash back including two year basic warranty.

The Nikon D5100 is a beautiful camera with great features which is suitable even for someone who has never used a DSLR before. It offers great image quality and ease of use, combined, makes it good for someone to get into photography and to potentially help them improve their skills. For me, I already feel the lens is a bit restricting so will definitely be on the lookout for a better lens kit.

If you want to see the results I have taken with the camera, check out the photos I have taken in Amsterdam HERE. And check out the video I made with the camera HERE.

If you are an owner of Nikon products or an experienced photographer who has any tips or advice to give me about using this camera, upgrades or photography in general I would be happy to learn!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 10 Recap

The first Tyra Mail the girls get reads 'Tomorrow, you will meet with the judges...' which the girls get nervous about as they've just had panel.

The Tyra Mail leads them to a challenge in which a casting is simulated but the judges will be the other girls. When asked who doesn't deserve to be in the competition, Dominique says Angelea and Laura agrees, saying she is too guarded and not letting her personality shine through.

Angelea takes this the wrong way and thinks they're attacking her and gets uber-defensive, storming out, leaving the others in tears. When she returns and is asked who has the least potential, Angelea says 'none of them'.

The girls are then asked to score each other on who has the best runway walk, portfolio and overall star quality. The girl deemed the weakest (by the other girls), is Allison, whilst Laura is voted to having the most potential. This is super ridiculous, and Lisa rightfully says she isn't surprised Laura won given she's the lowest threat.

The girls get some time off and get taken on a trip by a Crete socialite. They go swimming and then head to a party. The socialite keeps getting the girls drinks, and Allison just hilariously throws it over her shoulder. 

For the photo shoot, the girls put a twist on the Olympic games by having fashion accessories instead of the actual sport? hence explaining Allison's handbag opposed to her holding a discus. 

Dominique- Javelin
She has some good poses but not a lot of movement! Nigel questions her personality and who she really is.

Allison- Discus
Allison struggled to begin with but when they slowed her movements down, she got some good shots. Nigel thought she was awkward- but she IS an awkward girl!! 

Lisa- Hurdles
Lisa didn't want to jump again because she already had her legs apart (distastefully) in two previous shoots, and Nigel tells her to not be reserved. She ends up jumping which looks nice given she had a very light silk train.

Laura- Archery
Laura did a really good job and gave a wide range of poses- she did look good in every shot!

Angelea- Shot put 
Perhaps having the hardest object, Angelea struggles and is awkward in the shoot. She gets a shell instead of the real shot put.

The girls are nervous about panel. Dominique quotes that she was eliminated the last time she shot with Nigel, whilst Allison is nervous for her photo and has a 'bad feeling' about it. Angelea thinks she will go home if she ends up being in the bottom two.

At panel, Allison got good feedback but Andre rightfully pointed out that her other heel is sinking into the ground which is a big no no. I'm glad he noticed it! I personally didn't really like the picture- her head seems really small compared to her body and why would they give her that horrendous outfit!?

The judges all loved Lisa's photo. Dominique's photo was a bit awkward. When asked what sport she representing, Angelea couldn't name it, calling it put shot. Someone said that it was high fashion (no it's not!!) but Tyra criticised it saying her film was bad. Laura got good feedback across the board- I liked her knee mirroring the bow, but Andre thought it was a concern, making the dress look like spandex. 

Laura or Lisa will get first call out, with the other to follow. Allison will be called third with Dominique and Angelea in the bottom... So who goes? I think Angelea!!! but who actually will?

So... first girl called is... 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Disney Pixar's 'Brave' Trailer Preview

The trailer for Disney Pixar's latest movie, 'Brave' has been released. Succeeding hits 'UP' and 'Wall-E', 'Brave' tells the tale of Merida, a princess who's simple wish to be free brings peril on her kingdom which she has to set right to undo a curse.

The trailer doesn't give too much away, but the vibe I get when I watched the trailer reminds me of 'How to train your dragon'. Regardless, Pixar doesn't usually disappoint with their movies, so this is definitely one to watch!

'Brave' will be out Summer 2012! Check out the trailer below:

Ringer Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

This episode of Ringer had to be one of the most revealing yet. B-Siobhan, in trying to find out more about Siobhan, seeks out her therapist and discovers that she is falling in love with Andrew. Stealing a document of Siobhan's last session, B realises that Siobhan thought someone was stalking her and felt unsafe, with a location of a church noted as a solution.

When B visits the church, she sees Charlie there, drinking, and realises she can no longer trust him. Malcolm, after some snooping, finds out that Charlie is in reality called John and discovers that he has another property. 

Malcolm visits the property whilst B distracts Charlie/John and he almost discovers the basement where Gemma is being held captive, but we know she is alive... for now. Charlie leaves a message on Siobhan's  phone telling her that B's onto him.

Andrew plans a vacation with Siobhan and his partner, Olivia is getting concerned about his work priorities and also with Gemma's father being super wealthy, yet sick, she wants to close in on a deal with him. Andrew, however, does not think it is moral and tells her not to pursue it.

When Olivia visits Andrew with paper work, she finds a picture of him and Siobhan looking intimate on his phone and sends it to herself.

Will Olivia use the picture to blackmail Siobhan, or will she try to split them her and Andrew up by sending it to him? Will Gemma's location be discovered? How will Siobhan/Charlie deal with B's discovery of his identity? Can't wait for next week's ep!


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