Tuesday, 18 October 2011

'Water For Elephants' DVD Film Review

I was intrigued at watching this movie after I saw the trailer; I like dramatic films like this and it kind of reminded me of 'Australia'. The film is adapted from the book of the same name by Sara Gruen.

The cover for  the DVD is pretty dramatic and does sum up the key elements of the movie. The colours are beautiful and represents the time period of which it is set. 

Jacob (Robert Pattinson), after losing his parents to a car crash and subsequently everything else, comes across a travelling circus of the Benzini Brothers. Working for them as their vet, he soon rises in the ranks and becomes August (Christoph Waltz)'s right hand man. Obtaining an elephant Rosie for a new act, August assigns Jacob to train it as their star attraction, with August's wife Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). But the pair soon fall in love and must avoid the wrath of August.

I thought that the film was a tad long overall and it took a while to set up. However, once the film got going, it was a really enjoyable movie. The circus elements were very enjoyable as it does bring that element of surprise and as you watch the audiences wowed, you too are wowed. Those parts made the film go quite quickly. 

I also really liked Rosie the elephant- there was a real connection with the camera and I was really engaged at how much personality they managed to give it. I loved that it is so clever, understood Polish and likes drinking alcohol.

The lead up to the ending was really tense and the ending was appropriately climatic though the resolve dragged a bit- I would've just liked it to be short and sweet, but still it was good.

Reese Witherspoon- Marlena
Robert Pattinson- Jacob
Christoph Waltz- August

Also stars Hal Holbrook, Paul Schneider and Jim Norton. 

Reese Witherspoon was quite convincing and was stunning in costume. This is the first film I've seen Robpat in so I don't hold any prejudgments on his acting. It wasn't THAT bad- though at times he could've been a bit more natural. The funny thing with these two is that they were previously in a film together where Witherspoon was Pattinson's mother- which makes their now romantic role slightly awkward. I think the film they were in previously was 'Vanity Fair'. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Overall, 'Water for Elephants' is a strong romantic drama revolving around the circus in the 1930s. There are some beautiful scenes and builds up to one tense and climatic finish. Whilst there is a slight awkwardness with Robpat's acting, the film is not ruined and is a solid, engaging film.

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