Friday, 14 October 2011

University Life Weeks 1-3

So I've pretty much settled into university now with the course very much started and it has been pretty insane- in a good way.

My accommodation is just five minutes away from the campus but it's another 20 mins from there to the architecture department. It is an intense walk uphill if you're carrying equipment/portfolio and stuff like that but pretty good exercise otherwise. Ten minutes walk the other way gets me into Beeston, the local "high street"- the Tescos is MASSIVE... sells anything and everything you can think of and has two floors :3

There is also a surprisingly large amount of Chinese restaurants and stores in Beeston- one even has KTV :W now I just need to recruit some Chinese peeps to come with...

My room is somewhat small but cosy- has a bed, desk, wardrobe... need to personalise it a bit more but it is pretty sufficient. NOT happy that it's right by the door and opposite the bathroom... the noise is insane--- I love my sleep :'(

My flatmates are generally very nice- though one is quite different when drunk- the tops of the fridge/freezer filled with alcohol bottles... our flat has become the party flat >< arghhh but flatmates downstairs are pretty crazy and cool :3

Freshers also flew by pretty quickly- the registrations and introductory talks didn't last that long, but the queuing was intense- at least an hour and a bit for the health one, and nearly 2 hours to hand in a cheque for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam... went to the 'Back to School' fancy dress party on the Monday of freshers- pretty good though a tad long- was sooo tired after that.

Raided Freshers Fair for freebies- didn't actually get that much- my bag was mostly filled with leaflets, though I did grab a slice of free pizza, a bag of food from Lidl stand, some pens... also got lots of free Domino's pizza vouchers :) Wished I'd gone and got the Mango Card someone told me about :(

Second week was really fun- at least in studio- made a chair our of cardboard which was so stressful as we were running out of time but so fulfilling that it didn't collapse :P and then did a people study on Thursday which was also really fun.

Week Three has been pretty intense. The amount of work we've been set and the briefing for assignments is pretty overwhelming! Will definitely need to crack on and get organised... there is no 'Take 2'! Slightly annoyed at studio as we're not really given much constructive feedback. Everyone's work just gets a 'good' as a way of dismissal/acknowledgement of work complete. How do I make my work better? How do I get those top grades? No idea. = = Maybe I'm being too controlling or perfectionist or whatever, but I just want to know like how I could make my work better!

Week 1:
-walked into the flat as two of my flatmates were doing it in the bathroom
-flatmate put a bottle of piss under another flatmates bed
-flatmate dumped room full of stuff into corridor making it an obstacle course for me to get into kitchen
-being woken up at 3/4 am most nights to banter

Week 2:
-flatmate from floor below sprayed deodorant into fire alarm at 1am
-flatmate burst liquid detergent all over the kitchen floor

Week 3:
-tried some life drawing
-got £12.60 for half an hour's worth of a social experiment

Well, I'm off home for the weekend... wonder what antics my flatmates will get up to whilst I'm gone! :S

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