Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Henry cleans up the blood stains and the broken vase in his house and bins them. Siobhan, upon being unable to reach Gemma, goes to her house and Henry invites her in, questioning her about Gemma. She tells him she does not know where she is and they accuse each other of killing her.

Juliet starts her first day at public school and hands over her remaining stash of drugs to Siobhan. Siobhan struggles to dispose it and contacts Charlie, the guy at NA who wants to be her sponsor. He disposes it for her.

Henry reaches Siobhan again and tells her the police cannot know he cleaned up the mess or it would link to him and he has motive, having just contacted his divorce lawyer and their affair would also be exposed. Siobhan agrees to help him.

Meanwhile, Malcolm, held by the crime Lord hunting Bridget down, gives in and says he would tell them where Bridget is. When agent Machado comes with a warrant, Malcolm is gone.

At school, Juliet is bullied by punk girl Terra (?) and ends up in a fight with her where the principal believes Juliet started the fight, but her new teacher defends her.

Henry is brought in for questioning and was released when they found fingerprints on the broken vase belonging to Bridget Kelly. Agent Machado rings Siobhan and asks if she knew why Bridget would have anything against Gemma and that they would be in contact very soon.

The final sequence and another shocking cliffhanger is that real-Siobhan receives a call telling her that Gemma has been dealt with... 

I still don't know what real-Siobhan is looking to do but I have a feeling she wants to be with Henry now that she has found out she is pregnant and is killing off Gemma and Andrew so she could be with him like she 'joked' eight months ago.

No idea if Malcolm really did tell the crime boss where Bridget is but we know he's missing. 

I thought this episode was particularly strong as it touched upon all the areas and all the characters and hopefully things will become clearer. 

Next week sees Siobhan having to reveal some of her secrets to Andrew as Agent Machado closes in on her and Malcolm. Unfortunately this will be in 2 weeks time due so some silly hiatus.

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