Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Gemma disappears from the Hamptons after Siobhan tells her that she is actually Bridget. Gemma does not believe her and is uncontactable until she notices whilst watching some videos that Siobhan doesn't have a scar on her wrist. She blackmails Siobhan and asks her to sleep with Henry one more time so she could use the evidence to get a divorce and prevent him getting any of her money and the custody of their children.

Siobhan and Andrew try to help Juliet with her drug problem. Andrew tells Siobhan to let him handle it. Juliet tells him that it's not about the drugs, but the fact that he cheated on her mother with Siobhan, the reason she hates her.

Siobhan joins an NA meeting and opens up about her situation and how she feels she is trapped and there is no way out- she'll lose if she doesn't sleep with Henry and she'll feel guilty the rest of her life if she does. There, she meets another guy who wishes to be her sponsor. She cannot reach Malcolm as he's being held hostage by the crime lord.

Siobhan tells Gemma she won't go through with her offer and asks her to give her a chance to make things right. Gemma gives her until midnight. Siobhan meets with Henry and asks him to make amends with Gemma and to stop her from telling everyone about her secret. He rejects, saying he cannot live that lie. Siobhan tells him about Gemma's plan of getting a divorce.

Upon returning home, Siobhan sees Andrew worry about Juliet as she does another disappearing act. Siobhan suggests the place she'd be and Andrew goes to look for her. At twelve, Gemma looks for Andrew but he's out, and Siobhan pleads with her to not reveal her secret. It seems to work.

Andrew and Siobhan find Juliet at the club and Siobhan apologises for Juliet's anger that she 'broke up their family' and tells her she is trying to make amends. They go home together. Henry calls Gemma and tells her he knows all about her plan and that Siobhan told her when they met up. Gemma calls Andrew and asks him to stop by as she has something to tell him desperately.

Henry answers the door to Andrew and tells him that Gemma has gone out and hasn't returned, desperately ushering him away. As the camera pans away, broken glassware is seen on the floor and a bloodied hand print and a large splutter of blood paint the walls... Wow... Henry killed Gemma? That would shut her up forever but wow... seems like everything works out for Siobhan doesn't it!!

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