Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

It's Siobhan's birthday and Andrew organises a big birthday for her at the Hamptons. Bridget has a dream that Andrew finds her bag in the locker with her identity and so picks it up and destroys it, but was seen on CCTV footage by agent Machado.

Bridget remembers how when they were younger, she and Siobhan didn't have enough money for a necklace each, so they promised to take turns wearing it one year at a time.

Gemma is approached by Agent Machado and he tells her that Siobhan has a twin sister called Bridget. Gemma confronts Bridget (as Siobhan), who tells her that she has lost contact with her sister.

As Bridget tries to sneak out and burn her bag, Henry appears and yearns for romance like they have been doing every year. A flashback of the their affair shows Siobhan receiving the necklace from Bridget on her birthday. Bridget (as Siobhan) tells Henry that it's over and he storms off. Bridget burns her bag and the contents.

In Paris, real Siobhan (moneyless) successfully entices Tyler who pulls some strings to extend her stay at the hotel indefinitely. She goes through his files to find a bank transfer document relating to Andrew, which is part of her yet unknown scheme.

As Andrew presents the gifts to Bridget-Siobhan, she remembers the necklace and goes back to her room to read Siobhan's letter to her. Henry walks in and tells her that if she wants to end it, then he will walk away as he wants her to be happy, but questions what she'll do about the baby that he thinks is his. Gemma overhears and storms off at dinner.

Bridget-Siobhan tries to search for Gemma but discovers Agent Machado in the house who confronts her about the boating incident and the distress signal made. Bridget-Siobhan tells him that they fought but she left straight after and does not know where she is. Agent Machado finds her phone and discovers that she has made calls to Bridget's sponsor, Malcom.

Gemma slaps Bridget-Siobhan as she enters the room and rages her her. Bridget-Siobhan tells her that she's got it all wrong and reveals that she's not Siobhan, but Bridget. AHHH!!! I can't wait to find out what happens, especially now that Gemma knows her real identity. How much more will she tell her? Will Gemma reveal her secret? And what is real Siobhan up to?

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