Saturday, 8 October 2011

Performance Center Alexanderhoehe by B+U Architecture


"The design situates the building adjacent to the existing Parktheater. The expressive form of the building creates a landmark for the city and the region. When situating the building on the site it was important to us to redefine the urban relationship of Alexanderheights with the city. The building was placed in the north of the Parktheater and oriented towards the inner city to emphasize this. On the otherhand we wanted to create a synergy between the existing Parktheater and the new Multifunctional hall and create a single access point for vistors to both theaters as a shared service access for more efficient access. In order to achieve that and to not block the views one can have from the existing Theater to the Innenstadt we created a "linkage space" a generous multilevel foyer space that that allows for the actual hall to float above the ground and opens up views from the old Parktheater to the city towards the Northeast." Via B+U Architecture.

I love the organic structure which is very consistent with other B+U designs, such as City Futura. Certain details also remind me of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim (Bilbao) Museum. This is definitely an impressive structure that will fit in well with the nature of the park whilst being linked to the city as well.

Check out more images below:


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