Sunday, 30 October 2011

'Life In a Day' Film Review

I watched 'Life In a Day' last night on YouTube and it really was an interesting project. Documenting the happenings of people all over the world on July 24, 2010 through 4,500 hours of submitted video, the film showcases the highs and lows of everyday life.

Whilst other movies are scripted, highly budgeted and well acted, the mundane occurrences of everyday life has a rhythm and a tune which is common. The daily routine was beautifully shown as a series of short clips, the sounds, the sights... I loved the emphasis on the simple tasks and just revealing the beauty of such small details.

The film also managed to show the larger 'life changing' events that include proposals, marriages, pregnancies, birth... which is another thing which is miraculous. However, it wasn't scared to expose the gruesome realities that also take place on a daily basis: the harsh life of the third world, the slaughtering of a cow (I had to skip past that bit) and illness. I was particularly moved by the boy who had to shine shoes- his purity was touching.

In this way, the film took us on a journey both physically (taking us around the world through a Korean who have been travelling by bicycle for over 10 years) and emotionally. The thrills of skydiving to the terror of a stampede.
Despite the at times harrowing sights of reality, the film leaves us with a bright message, one that connects us all in the world. Even though it was just a normal day and that we may not have experienced something drastic that day, someone else has gone through the same thing, someone else has had an amazing day, or a poor one... the feeling that someone somewhere is just the same as you but in a different culture, background, circumstance...

Having seen the film, I feel and experience the world in a slightly different way. The sights, sounds and smells that come with the mundane activities of life become exciting, a rhythm, a beat of life... one to enjoy. Everyday.

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