Friday, 21 October 2011

Jaclyn Poole by Emily Soto (Oct 2011)

Jaclyn Poole has appeared in test shots by Emily Soto, looking so sweet, innocent and beautiful in this set of images. Whilst it is a tad 'model 101', she is absolutely stunning and reminds us why we love her. Just check out her ANTM Portfolio from Cycle 16

The setting and the colours in these shots are so beautiful, I wish the photographer would've just got her to stroll through the grass in a more natural and less posed way.

Check out more images below:



  1. She looks great! So glad she has done some modelling after the show, she was one of my favourites

  2. She was my joint fav along with Hannah she should not have been eliminated when she did :(

  3. She is soo beautiful she is such a star!!


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