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Charice Pempengco 'Infinity' Album Review

'Infinity' is Charice Pempengco's second album. Having really enjoyed her previous album, I eagerly awaited this release, previously tentatively called 'Louder', one of the songs on her album.

If you've ever paid attention to the album/single covers of Charice, you notice that they're very simple, colour co-ordinated portraits and I love that she's kept the style here for her second album. Contrasting to her first album's extremely brightly coloured covers, 'Infinity' opts for a classic black which is nice and edgy, perhaps reflecting a darker side to Charice and the music on the album?

The album contains 11 new tracks:

1. Louder 4/5
A very upbeat and catchy song, 'Louder' sounds like something from her last album 'Charice' which makes a nice lead into this album. The beat is extremely addictive and definitely makes you want to sing and dance to it!

2. New World 4.5/5
As a soundtrack song for the English version of Final Fantasy XIII-2, 'New World' is an ethereal piece that takes you to a different world. Whilst it is very typical in musical style of a Japanese game theme song, it is still very listenable and has some depth to it. Similar to Jyongri's 'Lullaby for You' from game 'The world ends with you'.

3. Bounce Back 5/5
'Bounce Back' is a punchy song with a slight Nicole Scherzinger sound - another addictive gem from the album and is consistent with the upbeat sound we love Charice for.

4. Far As The Sky 4/5
For the Japanese drama series, Bull Doctor, 'Far as the sky' is a dreamy song with catchy undertones and a typical J-pop sound. Some beautiful lyrics in the song too :)

5. Lost The Best Thing 5/5
One of my favourite songs off the album, 'Lost the Best Thing' is a super powerful and explosive song that showcases Charice's full vocal talent. The hook is extremely catchy and you just can't get it out of your head.

6. Heartbreak Survivor 3/5
This song does not fit into the album and verges into a bubblegum pop sound which just doesn't go. I'm sure this MIGHT, MIGHT grow on me, but I'm highly doubtful... NEXT.

7. Before It Explodes 5/5
Written by Bruno Mars, 'Before It Explodes' is another super catchy and addictive track which is another one of my favourites. From the soft beginning to the explosive chorus, this song is 'hit material'!

8. Lesson For Life 4/5
A catchy and youthful song that has the same produced sounds as the rest of the tracks on the album but yet feel different.

9. Never Always 4/5
With the most different intro to any of the other tracks, 'Never Always' develops into a soulful track that has a 'Stacie Orrico' sound. Another strong track with powerful vocals.

10. One Day 4/5
Produced by Nick Jonas, 'One Day' was a promo single for the ACUVUE 1 Day contest and is yet another catchy song with encouraging lyrics. Whilst strong, it sounds a little repetitive and I personally can't listen to it on repeat or for a long period of time- will need a break from it once in a while :P

11. Lighthouse 4.5/5
Written by Natasha Bedingfield, 'Lighthouse' is a softer song which ends the album nicely and is an emotional song. However, I think I would've liked to have heard Natasha release this song instead. Still, it's a beautiful song and a great end to 'Infinity'.

SONGS TO LOVE: Lost The Best Thing, Bounce Back, Lighthouse, Before It Explodes, 'Never Always'
SONGS TO SKIP: Heartbreak Survivor

~~~OVERALL 4/5~~~
'Infinity' gives us another album full of tracks consistently bringing us songs that hook us and make us want to sing and dance to. My favourite tracks has to be 'Before It Explodes', 'Bounce Back' and 'Never Always', with 'Lighthouse' a beautiful finishing number which is soft and gives the album a lovely catharsis. 

Highly produced, promoted and with many famous writers (Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas and Natasha Bedingfield), 'Infinity' is definitely a stronger and better album than 'Charice' and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this young and upcoming Filipino artist!


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  2. i think One Day should be given a 5. it's very catchy & inspirational too. :)

  3. Why oh Why??? I love Heartbreak Survivor (So gay), Lesson for Life (So youthful & gay), Lighthouse (Charice co-wrote the song & its perfection sounds so amazing)


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