Thursday, 27 October 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 7 Recap

This episode was the one with the awesome gif of Alexandria showing some attitude with her conflict with Bianca. Hopefully her controlling aggressive self from Cycle 16 comes back!

The girls get taken to the Roosevelt Hotel and their challenge is to create their own signature fragrance. 

Lisa- Neon
Laura- Love
Dominique- Survivor
Shannon- Smitten
Angelea- Angelea
Allison- Honey Blood
Kayla- Free
Bianca- Candid
Alexandria- Diamondnatrix

I thought a lot of the names were boring and just the words given to them before. I liked Lisa's name for Neon and Allison's 'Honey Blood', though 'Blood Honey' would've sounded better personally. :)

The girls will be promoting their perfume at an event in the evening where their fragrance will be infused into a shower/shampoo gel thing and they will be selling it in a bath tub at different stations. Weird. Their fans will also score them and the girl with the highest score will be safe from elimination. AGAIN? I really don't think it's fair they keep doing this to warp judging... we'll see.

Bianca does not want to get in the bathtub as she thinks it's unmodelesque and that 'real' models don't do that sort of thing, listing Tyra and Beyonce as examples. Other girls like Lisa went crazy in the tub and even Nigel himself got into the tub! Eva (winner of Cycle 3) also interviewed them. Briefly.

[Beyonce in a bathtub]
In the end, Lisa wins the challenge, and will be safe this week. The winner of cycle 17 will have their fragrance released nationwide.

For their photo shoot this week, the girls will be portrayed as 'Nene' and 'Snooki' and riding on the back on a motorcycle for a night shoot.

Lisa got the best feedback from Jay and Allison did a good job. Dominique was praised for taking risks. Bianca, Alexandria and Shannon got critiqued. Bianca especially ordered pickles to impersonate Snooki but her shoot became too phallic and graphic. She also didn't let any of the girls have one even though Allison just wanted one to eat :3 aww

Getting Tyra Mail about panel, the girls predict that it will be a double elimination either this week or next week and that they might eliminate one 'Snooki' and one 'Nene'.

Most of the girls get good feedback. Nigel brought up Bianca's unwillingness to participate in the bathtub challenge and Bianca repeats what she said, this time adding she hasn't seen Rihanna in a bathtub.

[Rihanna in a Bathtub]
Tyra goes all scary and tells her 'you're not Beyonce', 'if I were you, I'd get in the bathtub and try to win'. Bianca's probably going home for this outburst. But I did like her photo it's one of her best this cycle, minus the pickle- they should've photoshopped it out, they're so 'good' at photoshop.

Alexandria was praised for giving attitude and going over the top. Tyra called the shoot more caricature than high fashion. Lisa was praised for showing her bone structure- I thought this was her best photo this whole cycle- she looked like Eva Mendes.

I predict Lisa will be first called both for best photo and for immunity and the bottom three to be Bianca, Shannon and Kayla, with Bianca and Kayla going home.

Tyra reveals that it WILL be a double elimination as there are nine girls and Tyra only has SEVEN photos in her hands. *DUN DUN DUN!*

The first girl called is...

LISA (well deserved), followed by Angelea and Laura. In the bottom three are Kayla, Bianca and Shannon (like I predicted :W). Shannon is there for being too safe to stand out. Kayla is there for being watered down and not standing out. Bianca is there for being strong, but the 'judges fear that she is not coachable'. The girl who is safe... is... SHANNON. OMG I can't believe I predicted it! D:

Top 3:
1) Allison
2) Laura
3) Alexandria

Also funny how in the episode Kayla tells Bianca: 'You come across as a bitch. And the Bitch never wins.' And how Kayla goes with her.

Next week the girls write their own song and records a music video for it. Can't wait for it!


  1. I prefer blood honey :P And wtf is Shannon still doing there? She needs to be OUT, she's boring. Come back Kayla!

  2. I don't like Bianca but I did think her photo was the best of the three. Kayla has immense potential but she didn't show it this season. And Shannon... who knows maybe Tyra just likes her XD

  3. yah I agree. 'Honey Blood' was a good name


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