Thursday, 20 October 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 6 Recap

The girls get taken to Long beach. They are divided into two teams to play flag football. Surprise! The  eliminated girls are brought back to play with them... so Brittany, Isis, Sheena and Camille can once again grace our screens. Great. =.= They also brought some NFL players to help them, two for each team. The winning team will get £5000 to split between the two NFL players on their team's charity.

Red Team- Shannon, Kayla, Alexandria, Lisa, Dominique
Blue Team- Bre, Bianca, Allison, Angelea, Laura

Not only do they have to play ball, when their name is called, they have to strike a pose for a photographer. The girl with the best photo will win jewellery and a campaign on Tyra's website.

Some of the girls take out their steam on the beach, with Bianca tackling Lisa like crazy. The photo challenge aspect was a bit forced and cheesy and personally didn't show anything about modelling ability. Kayla wins the challenge. Meh.

For the photo shoot, the girls will be posing in pairs alongside supermodel Coco Rocha, in a 'catfight' scenario that is supposed to be dynamic.

Bianca and Shannon
I thought they would be more aggressive but they hid their previous differences for the photo. Coco looked amazing and her facial expressions are so dynamic and different- outshines both definitely. 

Allison and Kayla
I loved Allison's styling here but she kind of struggled. Jay called their shoot 'embarassing'. Allison makes the cutest face in the confessional about the shoot..

Laura and Angelea
Angelea struggled to begin with and started crying halfway through but her later shots were better. Laura had to jump off a chair onto a crash mat... :P 

Alexandria and Bre
Bre was crazy in the shoot and made Coco 'forget how to pose'. Alexandria was just on the floor- her face was quite dramatic but reads more satire than fashion. 

Dominique and Lisa
Dominique looks stunning and Lisa was just crazy- I liked her facial expressions though a bit strong... Jay thought the pair with Coco were the best of the day.

At panel, did you notice how amazing Coco looked? Sooo stunning.

Bianca and Shannon
Bianca was praised; Tyra compared her to a preying Mantis. Leon thought Shannon's legs were weak.

Allison and Kayla
Allison and Kayla both got good critique. Coco was surprised this shot came about given how Allison didn't seem to know what she was doing. I personally thought a promo shot was better than this one.

[Final Shot]
[Promo Shot]

Laura and Angelea
Angelea was praised for her facial expressions. Coco brought up her breakdown and called her professional. It wouldn't be professional to cry AT ALL!! Laura was critiqued for having an unmodelesque body- SHE WAS made to jump off a chair!

Alexandria and Bre
Both Alexandria and Bre were critiqued. Tyra did not like Alexandria's face and called her a 'reality contestant' over model, though Andre thought she was in control and praised her. Coco told the judges that Bre went over the top and Nigel thought it was 'slapstick'.

Dominique and Lisa
Both the girls were praised- Dominique looked great and Lisa's pose worked this time around. I did not like Lisa pulling at Coco's crotch though haha...

At deliberation, Nigel question's Kayla's pose thinking it's a bit static. Tyra again says that Allison's picture could be in Italian Vogue (JUST PUT HER THERE ALREADY!)!

Dominique, Lisa, Angelea and Bianca have a shot at FCO with Bre and Alexandria potential candidates to go home... but who stays and who goes?

In the end, first call out goes to...

Dominique, followed by Lisa and Bianca, then Angelea (I guessed the top four yay)...Allison was fifth :P In the bottom two are Alexandria and Bre (like I guessed XD) with Alexandria staying! Yay!! She has so much more drama to give- I wish she was more competitive and slightly more controlling! :)

My Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Alexandria
3. Laura

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