Thursday, 13 October 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 5 Recap

The girls return home to Angelea loving her own picture. Shannon devises a time schedule for people to take turns and use the phone for equal amounts of time. Unfortunately for Bianca, she draws last and the challenges Shannon about her time scheduling. Shannon offers to give up her time to Bianca, but then Lisa cuts in and starts a big shouting frenzy at each other with Bianca storming out. Allison's face when she sees the fight :3

The girls get Tyra Mail which takes them to Santa Monica Pier where they will be undertaking a runway challenge on a moving carousel. Angelea recalls the pendulum runway challenge on her cycle with the iconic and hilarious clips of Alexandria being hit by a pendulum playing over. Twice. I LOVE her scream as she's hit by the pendulum XD. The girls will be modelling the Kardashian collection.

Lisa did quite well interacting with the horses as did Bre (I thought she did better), and also she was praised on her cycle as one of the all time best walkers of ANTM. Most of the girls had a little stumble. Bianca 'had no energy' and Angelea was called 'somebody's drunk aunt' by Miss Jay.

The winner receives a head to toe outfit from the collection and there were two winners: Bre and Lisa!! Miss Jay talks to Bianca and asks her who she's angry with and that she isn't the girl he would book. She has a breakdown and yells at the other girls and being all up herself. GO HOME.

Back at the house, the girls talk about Bianca and how they think she should go home if she can't handle it whilst she's on the phone. Eavesdropping, Bre reports back to Bianca and she was like all 'let's play' but nothing really followed... we'll see...

At the photo shoot, the girls personify Michael Jackson throughout the years with his outfits. La Toya Jackson is there to help. 

Everyone seemed to have done a good job- no negative critique from La Toya or Jay, so it's going to be tough to see who gets the best shot! Though the judges are probably gonna be giving comments totally different to Jay. I didn't like the styling they gave Allison :(

Funny they didn't have the girls read Tyra Mail for panel in this episode- did something go on in the house? or was there just too much to edit out? Hmm..

At panel, all the girls get good feedback apart from Angelea, Lisa (Andre did not like her outfit or her pose) and Bianca... Bianca spoke out about being taken aback at the negative comments she received and when asked by Tyra about her conversation with Miss Jay, she played victim to the other girls, with Angelea shaking her head in the back XD.

Allison got stunning feedback and Tyra called it 'Italian Vogue' worthy- :S

Deliberation was basically more praise for the girls... I think Bianca's going home but no idea who will get first call out- probably Laura or Allison. 

So the first girl called is... WAIT... this week is different. La Toya Jackson decided the entire order of call out so SHE decided who went home and who got first call out! Wow... the first girl called is...

Laura! Followed by Shannon and Dominique (and then Allison). In the bottom two were Lisa and Angelea! WOW two big personalities up for the chop! I think it might be Lisa's time to go home... but Oh wait another surprise. Noone goes home! Boo-- I don't know if it was planned or if Tyra just didn't want these strong personalities to go... I really don't but they should've eliminated the worst girl regardless. >:(

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Alexandria

Next week the girls do a shoot with the gorgeous Coca Rocha.

EXTRA: Stunning behind the scenes pic of Allison.


  1. Bre needs to stop babying Bianca, there's no reason for her to snitch on everyone

  2. Everyone did a great job, but I hated Lisa's photo. I found it extremely offensive for Michael.
    I loved Allison's photo!


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