Thursday, 6 October 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 4 Recap

The girls get mail from home- most of them get something sentimental whilst Camille gets a box of bills. Kayla talks about how panel was hard as Isis went home and that her heart is racing very fast. She took a lot of pills and throwing up in her bed and the girls are in panic. Crazy candid shots of the girls and the camera men and the crew, followed by Allison's funny quote: "It goes from terrifying to... she needs an ambulance."

Kayla returns from the hospital and had some sort of cardiac problem which could be due to stress, caffeine... blah... basically she's fine. 

Tyra Mail takes them to the CSI studio where they have to memorise a script in 30 mins and film a segment; the winner will have their scene aired. In the script are very long and difficult medical words (eg Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer) which the girls struggle with.

Most of the girls stumbled on the medical jargon which was hilarious, but two girls, Bre and Angelea got through it immaculately, so one of them will win the challenge. The worst of the bunch was surprisingly Lisa, who didn't get any of her lines and swore loads- go home please?

The winner of the challenge is Bre :D

The next Tyra Mail takes them to their photo shoot for Express. There are four categories that the girls are split into: girlfriend, flirt, cool chick and socialite.

Girlfriends- Allison, Shannon
Cool Chicks- Kayla, Dominique, Lisa
Flirts- Bre, Bianca, Laura
Socialites- Angelea, Alexandria, Camille

Most of the girls did well apart from Bianca (who will almost definitely be bottom two if Mr Jay passed on his comments), Camille and maybe Lisa. I really liked how Allison looked- so sweet and Laura was also really flirty (First call out?).

At panel, Lisa is criticised for making excuses, Bianca is critiqued for not being flirty with anyone, Camille is critiqued for being outshined by the male models whilst Kayla is praised for her cool demeanor, Allison for her sweetness, Angelea for her 716 and Laura for her flirtatious eyes. 

From deliberation, I predict that Angelea will probably get first call out with Bianca or Lisa and Camille in the bottom, with Camille going home. I thought the editing made it pretty obvious :P

And the first girl called is...


ANGELEA followed by Dominique and Allison (yay!). In the bottom two are Lisa and Camille (like I predicted)... Lisa's personality will save her so Camille is almost definitely going home, and she does! 

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Alexandria
Next week's photo shoot, the girls pose as Michael Jackson... stupid photo shoot.

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  1. Thank goodness for that, Camille was BORING. But Lisa is becoming whingy with her excuses. I am surprised that Angelea did so well with the audition but I hope she goes soon so she should muck it up soon :P Bianca needs to go home with all of her 'I'm a real model and this is beneath me' rubbish. I liked Kayla's picture one of the best and no drama about posing with the male models this time, thankfully


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