Monday, 17 October 2011

'All We Need' - Rachael Lampa Music Album Review

Rachael Lampa's fourth studio album 'All We Need' was one of my birthday presents this year from my lovely sister :3

The cover is a beautiful close up of Rachael, which is a step up from her previous album covers; this is one of my favourite covers of hers.

Featuring a song from last EP album 'Human', and an updated version of 'Live For You' from the album of the same name, 'All We Need' contains 12 tracks in total, 10 of which are new:

1. All We Need 4/5
2. Remedy 4.5/5
3. Saviour's Face 4/5
4. Beauty's Just a Word 5/5
5. No Escape 3.5/5
6. Run To You 4.5/5
7. Elevate 4/5
8. My One and Only 4/5
9. Feel 5/5
10.Uncharted Territory 3.5/5
11. Human 3/5
12. Live For You (2011) 4/5
13. Avalanche (Bonus) 5/5

The album as a whole contains a range of songs of different tempo and as a whole, gives variety yet remains consistent in style and meaning. Some of the songs are also extremely catchy (Remedy, All We Need, Saviour's Face, My One And Only) though not void of meaning. 

Lyrically, my favourite tracks are 'Beauty's Just a Word' ("Beauty's just a word without you, And the sun is breaking through the clouds, can you feel it shining on you now? You were lost and now you are found and don't forget ,no don't forget") and Saviour's Face ("Do you have an ugly scar, do you have a damaged heart,Did you know that that don't make you who you are, it doesn't define you...cause who we are can only be changed by grace").

'Feel' is musically and has a style that is reminiscent of Rachael Lampa's early songs ('If You Believe' and 'The Art') which is great as it reminds you of why you love her as an artist, whilst showing development of her sound and musically style. This is also my favourite track on the album as it is a modern sound with beautiful lyrics: "I don't need for you to try to fix the world this time, I just want your heart to break everytime I cry, stop the music, don't say a word, cos what I need right now is something real, I just need to feel".

The only song that feels slightly out of place is 'No Escape' do to it's funky beat and rhythm though some people may love this song. For me, this brings the album down slightly. I'm also not too keen on the updated version of 'Live For You'- It's a great song as it is and this change doesn't make it much better or worse. I wish a new track was on the album instead of this. Also, 'Human' and 'Avalanche' being on the album is nice since it means that people without her 'Human EP' will enjoy the songs from that album but personally I'd like to have seen 'Loving You' instead of 'Human'. 'Avalanche' is an amazing song so I'm glad it's a bonus.

SONGS TO LOVE: Beauty's Just a Word, Feel, Run To You, My One and Only
SONGS TO SKIP: No songs are unlistenable but 'No Escape' might grate after a while.

'All We Need' is an extremely strong and powerful album that people can easily relate to. It is also very easy to listen to and many songs are super catchy. My favourite track is 'Feel' as it sums up what I love about Rachael Lampa's music and this album is arguably her best yet!

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