Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ringer Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Bridget tries to unlock the mystery surrounding the hit man's phone. Finding a picture of Andrew and Siobhan matching that of the killer's photo of Siobhan, Bridget suspects that Andrew may be the one who hired him, despite Andrew's kind gesture of buying her a designer dress and planning to take her to the ballet. 

The hit man's phone rings and the person on the other end tells Siobhan to drop off the phone or he will turn her in for murder. She begins to follow his instructions but then takes the phone and runs. Asking if the calls could be traced at a phone shop, Bridget is told that these phones are made for those who don't want their identity to be found.  

Henry asks Andrew to withdraw his investment claiming to need it to self publish his book. Gemma discovers this after Andrew's partner sneakily revealed it to her for selfish reasons, driving a bigger wedge into their marriage.

Malcolm is kidnapped and drugged after being questioned about Bridget's whereabouts by that crime lord boss person.

She finds a divorce lawyer's business card in her planner and seeks him out to question him about Siobhan and Andrew's relationship, only to discover that it appeared to be getting violent, encouraging her distrust in Andrew and her suspicion. Her lawyer also tells her that Andrew may be trying to cheat her in the prenuptial regarding a property.

Whilst visiting the property, a dodgy figure who appeared last episode after the hit man's phone rang came to hunt her down, wanting to get the phone down, but Siobhan manages to escape. She seeks out agent Machado in order to gain leverage. I loved how she had total power and control- she's certainly still in danger, but I'm glad she's gaining a bit more power.

Andrew discovers that Siobhan went to see a divorce lawyer and gets angry, but later Bridget apologises to him and promises to be honest, patching up Siobhan and Andrew's marriage... for now. She looked absolutely stunning in that dress.

Meanwhile, the real and undead Siobhan is in Paris seeking out this guy. Whilst they're making out, she needs to throw up and discovers that she is pregnant. She calls Henry but doesn't say anything. I am so excited to find out what real Siobhan is up to and whether she will return to take back her life after finding out, or if she will abort it... The final scenes always make it soo intriguing!!

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