Sunday, 11 September 2011

London Olympic Pavillion X by James Law Cybertecture

"To honour London’s imminent hosting of the 2012 Olympic games, James Law Cybertecture has presented an Olympic Pavilion X design to offer a statement of passion and excellence whilst providing a thrilling platform for memorable celebrations by the city and its citizens.

Inspired by the fluid shape of a raindrop splash, Olympic Pavilion X becomes a modern iconic landmark to inject both fun and flair to the monumental Trafalgar Square. With an electrifying exterior façade stretching 375 square meters, Olympic Pavilion X offers functional features of information center, souvenir shop and administration office at the tip of its three separate corners.

In stunning style, Olympic Pavilion X captures the moment of the Olympic summer games to augment a vibrant and intense sporting atmosphere for the crowd. Infused with visual technology innovations, the core auditorium contains an internal 360 degrees display screen, whilst three external visual devices composing hundreds of minuscule LCD monitors are designed to relay and display live Olympic games real-time."
Via James Law Cybertecture

I'm loving the shape of it and all as a landmark icon but it reminds me way too much of Anish Kapoor's 'Cloud Gate' in Chicago. And if it WAS Anish Kapoor, then all would be fine, but it's not. So it would be really weird for this to go ahead- everyone would be making the same comparison, unless he states that his inspiration was from Kapoor. I don't know :/

I've always wanted to go to see Cloud Gate so I guess if this does go ahead, this will be like a local 'knock off'... It's beautiful and all, but just too similar to Kapoor's work!

Check out the rest of the images below:


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