Friday, 23 September 2011

Glee Season 3 Episode 1 (The Purple Piano Project) Recap

The third (and hopefully final) season has premiered. The Glee club are missing several members as Sam has moved out of town, Zizes' reputation needs repair and Quinn has reinvented herself as a 'skank', therefore leaving the Glee Club. I love Quinn's new look and definitely makes her the edgiest character on the show. She'll almost definitely return to the Glee club in due course.

Upon trying to encourage the Glee Club to recruit more members, Will has placed purple pianos around the school, instructing them to burst into song whenever they see one. The club performs 'We got the beat' during lunch which was a bit too 'high school musical' for me and as usual, noone responded, except this time, it started a food fight.

Only there was one response. Sugar Motta, daughter of the one who donated the pianos, who also has Aspergers, auditioned, singing 'Big Spender', totally out of tune. I loved that she was completely arrogant and all the demoralising things she says she can blame on her Aspergers.

Sue, in her effort to become senator, has pledged to cut all funding on arts programmes, whilst Will has grown a backbone. He first glitter bombs Sue and then tells Sugar she cannot be part of the Glee Club. I loved when Emma goes 'so that's what being turned on feels like' upon Will's heroic declaration of war against Sue.

Rachel and Kurt join forces in trying to enter the top performing arts college in New York. They go to a workshop, only to be stunned by the people there who are just like them, except better. Lindsay Pearce, from The Glee Project, is Harmony, and her performance of 'Anything Goes/Anything I can Do' is stunning, resulting in a heartfelt crying session for Rachel and Kurt's in the car.

Blaine also leaves the Warblers to join New Directions which is a good move on the show's part as Darren Criss has many fans, and I also love his voice- the New Directions really need a good male singer and their prayers have been answered. Even before joining New Directions, Darren Criss has had a lot of solo time and I'm sure this isn't about to change. A duet with Rachel would be perfection.

The first episode of this new season finished with the club performing Hairspray's 'You can't stop the beat' which was a perfect bookend to the show's first song. We also see Sugar looking on from the side in a two second flash, which makes me think she will either be a part of Glee at some point (and she actually CAN sing), or she will be some sort of antagonist trying to ruin the club or thirdly be future competition elsewhere.

I'm not really excited for this season at all, as nothing really seems to have changed after two seasons. They're still trying to go for Nationals, they're still at the bottom of the social heap. This may as well have been season 1- no difference. I just really want to just see them win and be the end of it. As the characters of Kurt, Finn and Rachel will be cut at the end of this series anyway, I'm pretty sure this will be the last. There may be spin-offs after, or perhaps the show will continue with new characters, but I shan't be watching after Rachel leaves.


  1. Glad to see the back of Zizes, she should be relegated into the background with some token lines in my opinion. Sanata is back on top bitchy form, Quinn is trying too hard and I don't miss Sam too much. Kurt and Rachael needs a wakeup call and possibilty more rivalry. The competition was quite good to watch, I'd rather see more of them. The new girl Suga is hilarious. More of her please. And Mercedes new boyfriend looks like he can stamp on Schuester and squish him to a pulp. New storyline perhaps? :P

  2. Mercedes hasn't really had a good storyline and her new boyfriend is like way huge and despite his size, irrelevant. I think the focus this season will be on rachel and kurt and maybe finn given this will be their last.

  3. Finn is useless for me. He does nothing but stand around looking dozy. I'll be glad to see the back of him

  4. I dislike Finn as well dont really like his voice he's too dopey and indecisive


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