Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Forevermore- Jon Bauer Album Review

Canadian Worship Leader and Singer Jon Bauer came to our church a couple of weeks ago to lead worship and shared a few of his new songs with us from his album 'Forevermore'. He has been nominated every year from 2005-2009 for the GMA Canada Covenant Awards, and even won male vocalist of the year in 2008.

There are ten tracks on 'Forevermore' as follows: 

1. Our God
2. Light of Another World
3. Come and Save Us
4. Beautiful Name
5. Chasing After Me (with Laurell)
6. A Prayer Away
7. Fall Over Me
8. Forevermore
9. Life of Worship
10. Hosanna

Favourite tracks: Chasing After Me, Come and Save Us, Life of Worship.

Having been listening to the album for the past few days, some of the lyrics in the songs have truly spoken out to me. Being unfortunately ill with flu, 'A Prayer Away' reminds me that God is always there for us and will provide healing if we ask, whilst 'Chasing After Me' and 'Fall Over Me' reminds me of God's endless love for us, always seeking out hearts.

I'm extremely impressed by the relatability of the songs and how personal they can become. 'Our God' and 'Beautiful Name' expresses God's loving and amazing character. 

Our response should be that our lives become our worship and the final two tracks make great worship songs in that they can be our prayer.

But most of these songs are versatile in that they make great songs to listen to as well as being so personal we could cry out to God with our voices. The most catchy tracks are 'Chasing After Me' and 'Come and Save us', but I also like the slower 'A Prayer Away'.

Jon Bauer's 'Forevermore' is a personally written album which many can relate to. The variety of upbeat and slower songs covering a wide range of topics allow them to be listened to as well as sung in praise and worship. The lyrics are very encouraging and relatable and I would highly recommend this album!

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