Friday, 30 September 2011

Ann Ward covers Velvet Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011)

Since winning Top Model, I haven't really seen Ann Ward in a lot of stuff, but this cover of Velvet Magazine is stunning. She looks gorgeous and it is definitely one of the best pictures of her ever- even better than some in her Top Model Portfolio. Hope she gets more work! :)

UPDATE: The Spread looks gorgeous- she has so much confidence! One of my favourite spreads from recent ANTM winners :D

Check out the rest of the shots below:


  1. That doesn't even look like Ann, I wouldn't have recognised her. Thats a fabulous picture

  2. Great Pics. It's nice to see her again. My favorite Human/Mantis.

  3. The Cover picture is SO edited it makes me sick

  4. Thats a great photo I see her doing runway work in l.a new York London Paris Milan hong kong and Tokyo

  5. I like her I think she will do well in Tokyo

  6. Despite her very thin, tall frame...she appears so very elegant and confident in these photos! I love an under-dog...but Ann is definitely no under-dog no more!


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