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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 1 Recap

It's the premiere of America's Next Top Model Cycle 17- the ALL STAR cycle- featuring girls from past cycles returning once again to claim a title of America's Next Top Model and to establish their 'brand', as this cycle focusses more on star power than pure modelling.

The episode starts off with Tyra's dream about the girls calling to her which was released previously as a promo, much like what happened in the previous cycle about different model cliches.

After a montage of celebrity guest stars, challenges, prizes and drama (clearly the best bits), we meet the girls who were welcomed back as follows:
  • Shannon Stewart, C1 (Finalist)
  • Camille McDonald, C2 (5th)
  • Britanny Brower, C4 (4th)
  • Lisa D'Amato, C5 (6th)
  • Bre Scullark, C5 (3rd)
  • Bianca Golden, C9 (4th)
  • Dominique Reighard, C10 (9th)
  • Isis King, C11 (10th)
  • Sheena Sakai, C11 (6th)
  • Allison Harvard, C12 (Finalist)
  • Laura Kirkpatrick, C13 (Finalist)
  • Angelea Preston , C14 (4th)
  • Kayla Ferrell, C15 (4th)
  • Alexandria Everrett, C16 (4th)
Highlights include Bre not telling Bianca she was coming back on even though they moved in together after they met so they were like sisters and girls not knowing who Kayla was (namely Bianca: "Who is that?").

Jay enters the house and the girls do their first photoshoot- concept being for them to impersonate their ANTM persona. 

Bianca was called 'amateurish' by the photographer, Allison struggled a little as she's so used to being behind the camera now, Camille's outfit is the same one that Hannah wore for the cycle 16 promo (!!!!!), everyone else did well despite a small clothing dispute between Shannon and Jay.

The first panel will be live. like we've heard about months ago, with guest judge Nicki Minaj. Most of the girls got good feedback. Alexandria got booed when she was on the stage (someone booed, someone yelled F*** you and bitch or something) which made her tear up but the judges couldn't hear it. She also got bad critique for her photo. 

Deliberation will be held in private. Jay and Ms Jay will also ask the audience what they think of the girls which will have an effect on whether they go home.

Allison got great feedback with someone saying she was their 'all time favourite'- she's mine! :D Angelea and Laura got good feedback. Andre didn't like Brittany and thought she was abrasive, there were no comments about Brittany from the audience. 

NOTE: I like how they chose Allison's 'bird nest' photo for the backdrop, and also her 'pink powder paint' head shot for the house (subliminal messaging for the audience to all love her?)

Andre thought Bre's photo was dreckitude but he could see her hosting a show etc. The judges were not impressed by Alexandria's photo and felt a strong polarity with her fans. 

The judges didn't like Kayla's hand, but I thought it was meant to be empowering and it doesn't affect the photo that much. It's the OTHER hand that's clawed and a bit awkward coming from between her legs. :S

So who stays and who goes home?
The winner of Cycle 17 of America's Next Top Model will get a spread in Vogue Italia (+Beauty in vogue cover and spread) and a $100,00 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. In addition, the winner will also get a fashion campaign with Express and a guest correspondent role on the entertainment show Extra.

AHHH I'm SOO nervous. Anyway, the first girl called is... 

ISIS. *looks around* what? followed by Allison (YESSS) and Camille. It really should be Allison first. :/

In the bottom two are Alexandria and Britanny OMG the spoiler forums said Sheena was first to be eliminated LOOOOOL (shouldn't have read/believed them) ahhahaha!! Brittany was eliminated for having no presence/fans. 

I'm happy with the decision. Never liked Brittany when she was on cycle 4, don't really like her now. Much prefer to see more of Alexandria's controlling-ness.

This episode wasn't too good given so much of it was just pure talking and reintroducing the girls so I'm looking forward to next week when the action is back on - and the preview looks quite exciting well, full of drama- with some sort of emergency!? :S 

I'm still totally rooting for Allison Harvard. This photoshoot was lame but hopefully the rest will allow her to reach her full potential. Just see her cycle 12 portfolio

I can't really say which three I'm definitely rooting for yet.. given it's still VERY early but some girls made more of an impression than others, so tentatively...

Top 3:
1. Allison
2. Kayla
3. Laura/Alexandria


  1. What channel is this on? And what day and time? I must see this!

  2. It's aired in america on the CW. You could get a live stream or watch it on youtube the next day :)

  3. Ok, I just found the episode on putlocker. I love Allison and Laura as always and I'm starting to like Sheena very much, all of them presented themselves well at the elimination. Out of all of the 'black bitches' I dislike all of them but Bre I feel I could like somewhat. Also Dominique surprised me because I never liked her but her picture was great so I may grow to like her. Camille bores me, Angelea is ridiculous and I will never like her, same with Bianca. I never saw the cycles of Alex and Kayla so I can't comment on them but I was shocked to hear the abuse towards Alex, I have no idea what kind of a person she was to deserve that but it was exceedingly mean and uncalled for. Isis was fabulous, Brittany was blah and Shannon annoyed me with the underwear thing. She would have been so much more modest wearing them and underwear and bikinis are kind of the same thing so she was being an idiot about that so I'm not entirely sold on her. I think Lisa will do well

  4. I'm waiting to watch a bit more before I cast judgement on what I think of them. I'm open to change about Dominique as she does look really pretty this time round but disliked her on her cycle.

    Lisa confessed to stealing Bre's granola bar, so I hope they bring that up but overall I'm anticipating all the drama that's going to happen. But I wish they'd brought back Heather (cycle 9) :P

  5. How did I miss that? Lisa stole the granola bars? There should be some bitching going on there. Given the choice, I wouldn't have picked half of those girls to be there. Get rid of most of the bitches and put Jade in there, she's worth more than them in terms of being more interesting to watch. No plus sizes here as well I noticed. Sheena seems to be the token Asian. And one of the girls I immedietely wanted to see was Heather but she's not there which is a shame, I loved Heather

  6. Lisa revealed it in a (non antm related) interview that was aired quite a while back.

    and yeah i felt there are too many girls there which are too 'similar'. Hannah or Jaclyn from cycle 16 (they were full of personality but a bubble sweetness opposed to bitchiness) would be good.

    Plus size wise Alexandra (pendulum girl) would have been a strong contender.

  7. I was thinking about Alexandra as one of the best plus sizes they had and she should have been on there. I also have a soft spot for contestants like Katazyena who I would have loved to have seen again

  8. katarzyna has one of the best post show careers so she doesn't need this but yes I rooted for her on cycle 10.

    I know a lot of people liked Jade and she was approached but she didnt want to do it again :P

  9. Shame. She would have made good viewings, better than the whole ghetto bitch crowd they've got there

  10. LOL! I can't believe girls didn't know who Kayla is. The episode was good overall even though the photoshoot wasn't that creative. I'm rooting for Alexandria!


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