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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts off with Lisa talking about her first call-out and the girls eliminated so far... Allison talks about her struggles and being uncomfortable; the editing makes me think she's either going to get first call out or bottom two :S hope it's the former!

In pops Kristin Cavallari, who talks to the girls about her post reality tv career- nothing really interesting.

The girls head to the grove where they'll be interviewed by Mario Lopez. Divided into two groups, the winning team will be safe from elimination next panel!!! D: 

Team 1- Laura, Dominique, Angelea, Alexandria, Isis, Lisa

I thought Isis did a good job, as did Angelea but Lisa was definitely way too strong (and got the buzzer noise), and cutting Alexandria off? Big No No. Laura and Dominique didn't say anything? Hmm... not interesting enough to air, eh?

Team 2- Shannon, Allison, Bre, Bianca, Camille, Kayla

Allison did really well with her question despite the edit in the preview for the ep, whilst Bianca got the buzzer. Overall, I thought team 2 did better. 

Nigel critiqued all the girls that had footage apart from Allison, so she definitely did the best job, making Team 2 safe from elimination! WOO! The overall winner is also Allison who will come back to be interviewed on Extra... YESSS! :D

Angelea expresses her anger on the way back home at being told to be more of 'herself' even though she deliberately tried to be professional in an interview. She declares that she will speak her mind at panel. :W Definitely looking forward to that! Episode 3 and there's already Panel drama! We'll see...

This week's photo shoot is definitely much more high fashion. Whilst it is still on the 'cheap' side (equipment-wise), the unusual outfits and the potential is soo much better than what we've seen. At least with this one, there is no awful photoshop. The girls are put into pairs (one from the winning team and one from the losing team) and will be modelling on stilts.

Alexandria and Shannon
Allison and Angelea
Lisa and Bianca
Bre and Laura
Camille and Isis
Dominique and Kayla 

Allison did phenomenal- every shot she just looked fantastic. Alexandria went so extreme and risked it even though it was painful that I think she'd definitely do well at panel. Bianca's fear of heights did make her boring and Jay said "what's the point of going up there if you don't deliver".


At panel...

Alexandria and Shannon
They both got good critique. Nigel wishes Shannon would take a bit more of a risk. I really like Alexandria in this shot, and she has definitely done the best on her own. I don't feel Shannon risked enough and in her 'safe'-ness, kind of let Alexandria down.

Allison and Angelea
Angelea interrupts panel to ask for clarification about being professional- wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be. Nigel says Allison is stronger; Tyra teaches the girls about the Booty Tooch. I love the symmetry in the shot; Allison's body language is phenomenal, that left leg crossing over, the curve of her body... definitely outshines Angelea.

Lisa and Bianca
It is an interesting shot, but I'm not sure I really like the composition. It is a bit too heavy on one side. I like Bianca's broken-ness, though she looks short (even with the stilts) and a bit crushed by Lisa's crotch.

Bre and Laura
An interesting shot. I love Bre's statuesque pose, kind of like Grace Jones. Laura is cute and loveable in her pose, but is she coming out of her crotch? What is up with that?

Camille and Isis
Very little chemistry between the two and doesn't seem like they are doing much. They might as well have been photo shopped into the shot. Worst photo of the lot. Judges thought this shot was also quite boring, but Andre thinks Camille out shined Isis.

Dominique and Kayla
Dominique really should be part of Isis and Camille's shot, she's almost in the exact same pose as they are. Kayla seems to have made some sort of effort to interact with Dominique but it is a bit awkward given placement of Dominique's elbow.

At deliberation, Allison gets all round praise. Isis gets critiqued by all except Tyra (total bias!!) and Angelea is commended for asking for clarification.

First call out this week has to be Allison- she did phenomenally at both the challenge and the shoot! I think the bottom two will be Camille and Kayla. :W OH WAIT... Tyra is going to call the six safe girls first... so the weakest two from the losing team will be the bottom two... :P The worst from the losing team probably did better than some on the safe team :P I think Isis is probably in the bottom two but she'll definitely be safe cos Tyra loves her along with maybe Dominique.

The first girl called is...

ALLISON! She is followed by Bianca and Shannon. The worst two in this group are Kayla and Camille (she definitely would've been eliminated if she wasn't 'safe). 

Alexandria was called first in the 'unsafe' group- she would've gave Allison a run for her money! In the bottom two are Isis and Angelea. They're told that they do not have the worst photos, but are there because of the challenge. I really can't decide who will go! I think Angelea has the better photo but Tyra loves Isis so Angelea must be going home... BUT OH WAIT- Angelea is safe because it came down to the photo- YESSS! I bet Tyra was mad cos it comes down to the judges voting :P Definitely the right decision though!

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Laura
3. Alexandria

Side Note: Check out these stunning behind the scenes pics of Allison during this ep. Simply STUNNING.


  1. I love Allison! So glad she got first picture. I love Laura's picture as well even though its unfortunate where she's posing :P I've had enough of Camille already, bored of her. Angelea needs to leave, I just can't stand her

  2. So glad Allison did well this week. From the looks of next week's pictures, Allison's set to do well too!! :D

  3. Am also glad Allison is doing so well, alongside Laura, she is the sweetest girl and amongst everyone, in my opinion, the most high fashion!

    Still can't forgive Alexandria though for the whole Brittani incident last cycle and I find her pics a little too posed...

    BTW - loving this blog, keep up the good stuff! :-)

  4. Thanks for the comment bogeyno2! Alexandria seems like she's acting a lot and playing the game to get screen time :P #TEAM ALLISON :D


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