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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 2 Recap

The girls talk about the prizes and return to the house. Whilst they're playing dress up, Tyra pays them a visit, bringing along Martin Lindstrom, global branding person. Note that Allison is wearing a Spirithood (at least it looks like a Spirithood), which ANTM Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox modelled for. :3 sooo cute.

Anyway, Martin tells them that each of the girls should be associated with a single word that they're remembered for and his results come from fan polls, which get's Alex worried. He tells Lisa that her fans do not trust her at all and that her word is 'daring', so she is asked to break all the rules. Kayla was told that being lesbian and representing the GLBT community was five years ago, it does not make her unique and that she needs a new word which he gives her as being 'free', which Kayla questions.

Angelea was told that fans compared her to 'cheap shoes' LOL! Alexandria was told that fans found her annoying, so was given the word 'tough'. I kind of feel sorry for Alex after last week's fan outrage and also how she's being treated on the show... not even sure these fan polls are real, at least in relation to the word!

Contestant brand word summary:
Sheena- Unexpected
Kayla- Free
Shannon- Trustworthy
Dominique- Survivor
Allison- Unique
Angelea- Persistence
Bre- Girlfriend
Camille- Proud
Isis- Inspiration
Laura- Loveable
Alexandria- Tough
Bianca- Candid

I think some of these words are completely ridiculous and don't mean anything to the girls and cannot take them in ANY direction. Whilst Laura can be uncontrollably loveable and Allison's just unique, how is Shannon going to purposefully remain trustworthy? Sounds like more trash Tyra is throwing into the show. No offence Tyra!

The opening of ANTM cut through 'word giving' for some strange reason, so I'll talk about it now instead. It's a new opening which is refreshing just showing the models having fun, taking turns at owning that tiara. I like it more towards the end with the crazy lipstick/juice/blood whatever it is being smeared on the screen etc.

Loved that Allison was first and wearing the tiara. Laura and Alexandria also had cool parts in it.

The girls get taken to a studio to do their photo shoot, but before that, they get their makeovers. Greeted by Ashlee Simpson, they're told about how important image is blah blah...

Alexandria is told she's getting short hair, which she's surprisingly happy with. Kayla is brought back to red, Lisa's hair gets chopped, Bre's head is shaved and she breaks down, wanting to go home. Sheena is told she'd get a very short cut by Ms Jay which freaks her out but he's only joking! Pah!

For their photo shoot, the girls will be designing their own hot dog and modelling for Pink's Hot Dog, with the best photo featured on their website.

Laura does a good job- loved that she smeared sauce all over her. Camille was called tense, and was asked to watch Laura and learn. Kayla thought Alexandria was not being 'tough' with her photo shoot. Kayla struggled with the shoot and Jay said she was difficult to watch. Lisa, for her hot dog, called it the 'skinny little bitch' which was a veggie hot dog with no bun. LOOOL that's a good one. I really don't get what Bre is complaining about. Her new makeover is STUNNING compared to that crazy curly mass which makes her look so old! 

At panel, Nigel does not see 'survivor' in Dominique's picture. I was so glad Tyra picked up on my narrative when I saw the photo- I was like she looks like an actress caught with a hot dog. Most girls get good critique. Camille was critiqued for being too pageanty.

I think Isis' photograph is disturbing. You're a woman now, your hand should not rest there!! Leon says he'd be 'running away from it'. DRECK! Allison was advised not to go too cute and Nigel picked up on Kayla's comment on how Alexandria might be too sweet and not tough in her photo. Shannon looks gorgeous in her photo!

Lisa was praised for being 'daring' but I just think it's disgusting for her to have food in her mouth. As a hot dog eater, I'd be slightly repulsed and wouldn't want one of their hot dogs if I saw that ad. Bre was asked what happened to her sparkle, which I really miss as well, there was a fire in her in cycle 5 which made her likeable... hmm... 

Nothing really new was said at deliberation. I have a feeling Sheena will be cut because she's not being unexpected... but who will get first call out? Lisa, probably for being what her word is, but by far, is not the best as a photograph. :/ Bianca might also have a shot.

So who stays and who goes? The first girl called is...


Lisa. BOO!! She's followed by Bianca and Alexandria. In the bottom two are Kayla and Sheena. This is now so obvious, bye bye Sheena!!! No way is Kayla going home. And Sheena does go home... 

Top Three:
1. Allison
2. Alexandria
3. Laura

I really think the words were stupid and getting a girl to eat a hot dog in an 'inspiring' way or a 'proud' way.. just doesn't always work. Allison should've got a MUCH higher call out cos her photo was stunning- Tyra, show us how to eat a hot dog in a unique way!? ALLISON is unique, therefore the whole thing is unique. = =  

Next week the girls will be interviewed by Mario Lopez followed by a photoshoot on stilts, where Bianca appears to break down.


  1. What the hell is that picture? Lisa is not so classy and although she is a good model, her picture is just horrible. Bre is being boring especially as her new look is so fabulous, Kayla needs to buck up her game because she looks gorgeous and I want her to go far, shame on Sheena for not being better because I liked her and Alex needs to stop overreacting about everything. Allison, Bianca and Shannon's pics are wonderful

  2. I know right!! Bre needs to be much more bubbly like she was in cycle 5. She seems to have lost it, and if she doesn't someone revitalise, she will be going home soon. Kayla's new makeover is stunning- a mix of both red and black. Lisa is overrated.

  3. I loved Bianca's photo!


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