Friday, 30 September 2011

Ann Ward covers Velvet Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011)

Since winning Top Model, I haven't really seen Ann Ward in a lot of stuff, but this cover of Velvet Magazine is stunning. She looks gorgeous and it is definitely one of the best pictures of her ever- even better than some in her Top Model Portfolio. Hope she gets more work! :)

UPDATE: The Spread looks gorgeous- she has so much confidence! One of my favourite spreads from recent ANTM winners :D

Check out the rest of the shots below:

Thursday, 29 September 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts off with Lisa talking about her first call-out and the girls eliminated so far... Allison talks about her struggles and being uncomfortable; the editing makes me think she's either going to get first call out or bottom two :S hope it's the former!

In pops Kristin Cavallari, who talks to the girls about her post reality tv career- nothing really interesting.

The girls head to the grove where they'll be interviewed by Mario Lopez. Divided into two groups, the winning team will be safe from elimination next panel!!! D: 

Team 1- Laura, Dominique, Angelea, Alexandria, Isis, Lisa

I thought Isis did a good job, as did Angelea but Lisa was definitely way too strong (and got the buzzer noise), and cutting Alexandria off? Big No No. Laura and Dominique didn't say anything? Hmm... not interesting enough to air, eh?

Team 2- Shannon, Allison, Bre, Bianca, Camille, Kayla

Allison did really well with her question despite the edit in the preview for the ep, whilst Bianca got the buzzer. Overall, I thought team 2 did better. 

Nigel critiqued all the girls that had footage apart from Allison, so she definitely did the best job, making Team 2 safe from elimination! WOO! The overall winner is also Allison who will come back to be interviewed on Extra... YESSS! :D

Angelea expresses her anger on the way back home at being told to be more of 'herself' even though she deliberately tried to be professional in an interview. She declares that she will speak her mind at panel. :W Definitely looking forward to that! Episode 3 and there's already Panel drama! We'll see...

This week's photo shoot is definitely much more high fashion. Whilst it is still on the 'cheap' side (equipment-wise), the unusual outfits and the potential is soo much better than what we've seen. At least with this one, there is no awful photoshop. The girls are put into pairs (one from the winning team and one from the losing team) and will be modelling on stilts.

Alexandria and Shannon
Allison and Angelea
Lisa and Bianca
Bre and Laura
Camille and Isis
Dominique and Kayla 

Allison did phenomenal- every shot she just looked fantastic. Alexandria went so extreme and risked it even though it was painful that I think she'd definitely do well at panel. Bianca's fear of heights did make her boring and Jay said "what's the point of going up there if you don't deliver".


At panel...

Alexandria and Shannon
They both got good critique. Nigel wishes Shannon would take a bit more of a risk. I really like Alexandria in this shot, and she has definitely done the best on her own. I don't feel Shannon risked enough and in her 'safe'-ness, kind of let Alexandria down.

Allison and Angelea
Angelea interrupts panel to ask for clarification about being professional- wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be. Nigel says Allison is stronger; Tyra teaches the girls about the Booty Tooch. I love the symmetry in the shot; Allison's body language is phenomenal, that left leg crossing over, the curve of her body... definitely outshines Angelea.

Lisa and Bianca
It is an interesting shot, but I'm not sure I really like the composition. It is a bit too heavy on one side. I like Bianca's broken-ness, though she looks short (even with the stilts) and a bit crushed by Lisa's crotch.

Bre and Laura
An interesting shot. I love Bre's statuesque pose, kind of like Grace Jones. Laura is cute and loveable in her pose, but is she coming out of her crotch? What is up with that?

Camille and Isis
Very little chemistry between the two and doesn't seem like they are doing much. They might as well have been photo shopped into the shot. Worst photo of the lot. Judges thought this shot was also quite boring, but Andre thinks Camille out shined Isis.

Dominique and Kayla
Dominique really should be part of Isis and Camille's shot, she's almost in the exact same pose as they are. Kayla seems to have made some sort of effort to interact with Dominique but it is a bit awkward given placement of Dominique's elbow.

At deliberation, Allison gets all round praise. Isis gets critiqued by all except Tyra (total bias!!) and Angelea is commended for asking for clarification.

First call out this week has to be Allison- she did phenomenally at both the challenge and the shoot! I think the bottom two will be Camille and Kayla. :W OH WAIT... Tyra is going to call the six safe girls first... so the weakest two from the losing team will be the bottom two... :P The worst from the losing team probably did better than some on the safe team :P I think Isis is probably in the bottom two but she'll definitely be safe cos Tyra loves her along with maybe Dominique.

The first girl called is...

Ringer Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Bridget tries to unlock the mystery surrounding the hit man's phone. Finding a picture of Andrew and Siobhan matching that of the killer's photo of Siobhan, Bridget suspects that Andrew may be the one who hired him, despite Andrew's kind gesture of buying her a designer dress and planning to take her to the ballet. 

The hit man's phone rings and the person on the other end tells Siobhan to drop off the phone or he will turn her in for murder. She begins to follow his instructions but then takes the phone and runs. Asking if the calls could be traced at a phone shop, Bridget is told that these phones are made for those who don't want their identity to be found.  

Henry asks Andrew to withdraw his investment claiming to need it to self publish his book. Gemma discovers this after Andrew's partner sneakily revealed it to her for selfish reasons, driving a bigger wedge into their marriage.

Malcolm is kidnapped and drugged after being questioned about Bridget's whereabouts by that crime lord boss person.

She finds a divorce lawyer's business card in her planner and seeks him out to question him about Siobhan and Andrew's relationship, only to discover that it appeared to be getting violent, encouraging her distrust in Andrew and her suspicion. Her lawyer also tells her that Andrew may be trying to cheat her in the prenuptial regarding a property.

Whilst visiting the property, a dodgy figure who appeared last episode after the hit man's phone rang came to hunt her down, wanting to get the phone down, but Siobhan manages to escape. She seeks out agent Machado in order to gain leverage. I loved how she had total power and control- she's certainly still in danger, but I'm glad she's gaining a bit more power.

Andrew discovers that Siobhan went to see a divorce lawyer and gets angry, but later Bridget apologises to him and promises to be honest, patching up Siobhan and Andrew's marriage... for now. She looked absolutely stunning in that dress.

Meanwhile, the real and undead Siobhan is in Paris seeking out this guy. Whilst they're making out, she needs to throw up and discovers that she is pregnant. She calls Henry but doesn't say anything. I am so excited to find out what real Siobhan is up to and whether she will return to take back her life after finding out, or if she will abort it... The final scenes always make it soo intriguing!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kelly Clarkson 'Mr Know It All' Official Music Video

Kelly Clarkson has just released the video to her debut single from upcoming new album 'Stronger' [Read my preview here].

In the music video, Kelly faces the different sides of her reported of by the media, her fans, websites... and sings with sass and emotion shown through her fun and animated facial expressions. 

The simple video is pretty cool- I like the wall of newspaper articles with the shadow of the band. I'm not that sure how effective this video is as it is a bit more mellow compared to the upbeat track. It's a great song though and I cannot wait to hear her album which comes out October 24.

Check out the video below:

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cute Animals: Albino Animals


I'm pretty sure you're missing my blogs on cute animals, so here is a new one! Having recently read about an albino seal in the Metro, it inspired me to share about albino animals. I was previously unaware of their existance and so here is highlight their rarity and their cuteness, I present to you a selection of my favourite pictures. 

Their special appearance can cause them problems in the wild such as rejection from their mother/herd and can also make them stand out and be easily preyed on. I think some of them are really stunning and cute though!

Which one is your favourite? Check out more cute images below:

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' Fragrance Campaign

The commercial for Taylor Swift's fragrance, 'Wonderstruck' has been released. Taken from her song 'Enchanted, a song about being enchanted with Adam Young, the fragrance is "floral with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. The heart features sweet vanilla along with sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base".

In the commercial, Taylor Swift is seen in a beautiful dress walking around what seems like a 'Love Story'-esque setting. She encounters a guy who clearly makes her wonderstruck. There is a lot of sensual imagery in the video, though the font bugs me, as well as the purple wallpaper background... the colour scheme is definitely in keeping with her 'Speak Now' era.

Check out the commercial below:

Friday, 23 September 2011

Glee Season 3 Episode 1 (The Purple Piano Project) Recap

The third (and hopefully final) season has premiered. The Glee club are missing several members as Sam has moved out of town, Zizes' reputation needs repair and Quinn has reinvented herself as a 'skank', therefore leaving the Glee Club. I love Quinn's new look and definitely makes her the edgiest character on the show. She'll almost definitely return to the Glee club in due course.

Upon trying to encourage the Glee Club to recruit more members, Will has placed purple pianos around the school, instructing them to burst into song whenever they see one. The club performs 'We got the beat' during lunch which was a bit too 'high school musical' for me and as usual, noone responded, except this time, it started a food fight.

Only there was one response. Sugar Motta, daughter of the one who donated the pianos, who also has Aspergers, auditioned, singing 'Big Spender', totally out of tune. I loved that she was completely arrogant and all the demoralising things she says she can blame on her Aspergers.

Sue, in her effort to become senator, has pledged to cut all funding on arts programmes, whilst Will has grown a backbone. He first glitter bombs Sue and then tells Sugar she cannot be part of the Glee Club. I loved when Emma goes 'so that's what being turned on feels like' upon Will's heroic declaration of war against Sue.

'New Girl' Pilot Thoughts


New sitcom 'New Girl' sees Zooey Deschanel as a geeky quirky girl Jess who moves in with three guys after a tragic break up. She's a sweet girl and her character is extremely strong- I love it when she just breaks into song about her life. 

Her roomies- Schmidt (Max Greenfield, famed for being the douchebag), is a douchebag; Coach (Damon Wayans Jnr), a gym trainer who can't talk to women; and Nick (Jake M Johnson), who just got out of a long relationship.

Of all the roomates, I like Nick the most from the pilot given his humanity and he just seems most real, down to earth, relatable... Schmidt takes douche to the ultimate level. 

In the pilot, the guys try to rescue Jess by setting her up with a rebound whilst Schmidt is desperate to go to a party Nick's ex could get him into.

The plot wasn't too solid but the ending was sweet and that will draw people in. Overall, the pilot of 'New Girl' isn't groundbreaking; I'd still rather watch Friends on repeat, but the character of Jess as well as Zooey Deschanel is sure to make me stick it out for a few more eps.

Ringer Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Last episode, Bridget ends up killing a hit man who was after Siobhan and she decides to hide the body as her friend arrives to meet her at the loft. Gemma still does not know who her husband is having an affair with. 

The next day Bridget returns to the loft to try to deal with the body, calling Malcolm for help as she does not know what to do. He tells her to flee. As she tries to leave the house, detective Machado knocks on the door in an attempt to speak with her about her sister. She ushers him away and makes her preparations to leave, withdrawing Siobhan's money from a newly opened 'emergency' account.

On her way to the airport, Andrew calls telling her he's moved the cocktail party to the loft as his current venue has flooded. Bridget hurries to the loft to deal with the body, placing it inside a trunk. 

Tensions rise during the cocktail party for Bridget as Gemma's emotions run wild, agent Machado arrives to question her as well as her having to deal with Andrew's business partner Olivia who seems to want to steal her husband.

That's not all, during Andrew's speech, a phone from inside the trunk rings, which Bridget takes to save the situation. Before that, blood was seeping out of the trunk. How she could deal with so much drama is beyond me!

With the party a raging success, Bridget has still to deal with the body and Malcolm. Sneaking out in the middle of the night, she discovers step daughter Juliet throwing up in the bathroom, and offers to stay with her, remembering herself in the past needing someone. 

Bridget makes a decision to stay, as people are depending on her and she wants to make amends for the trouble she's caused Siobhan in the past. 

The final scene shows Siobhan, alive and well in Paris, attempting to withdraw money, only to be told that the account has been closed. She makes a phone call with someone asking them to finish it because 'she's ruining everything'. 

Bridget returns to clean up the body only to find that the body is missing from the trunk. 

I am extremely intrigued and really want to find out what happens next. I have a feeling real Siobhan wants to escape her life, hence fleeing to Paris, only to discover Bridget has ruined her plans. She may have even sent the killer on herself as they'd find Bridget, who looks exactly like her, and kill her. 

With regards to the missing body, it seems like a very easy way out for Bridget having killed him, but I guess there must be a bit more to it, especially with the phone, which seems to be the main focus to the next episode. Now that her 'problem' is solved, she can stay as Siobhan without many problems... ? The mystery thickens.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gemma Arterton at the 'Seventy Two' Exhibition by Lucy Liu

Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper attended an exhibition by Lucy Liu titled 'Seventy Two' at Salon-Vert in London. Gemma looked super cute! The trio looked like they were having fun :) Who knew that Lucy Liu has established herself as an artist whilst she's not filming! 

"For over two decades Liu’s practice as a visual artist has encompassed, and often combines, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, embroidery and collage. Representations of the body permeate her oeuvre, from portraiture to abstraction. To date, her work has explored issues of sexuality, identity, race, memory and history. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Nova Scotia and Munich." Via Salon-Vert.

Gemma has finished filming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and will be filming 'Byzantium' alongside Saoirse Ronan shortly.

The Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour (London Hammersmith Apollo)

I went to Avril Lavigne's 'Black Star Tour' last night and it was amazing despite a number if different problems that affected her performance, but I'll talk more about that later. 

Getting there three hours early really made a difference as we were pretty much right at the front. 3rd/4th row toward the end of the night as we were pushed so much by these sneaky girls behind us trying to get in front.

Upcoming British band Lawson supported Avril and they really warmed to the crowd. I did look up their stuff beforehand so it wasn't totally unfamiliar. I thought they'd stay on longer than they did, and maybe made a return once the team found out Avril would be late. Though 30 minutes after her scheduled start, she arrived blasting to the following set list. 

  1. "Black Star"
  2. "What the Hell"
  3. "Smile"
  4. "Sk8er Boi"
  5. "He Wasn't"
  6. "Airplanes/My Happy Ending" 
  7. "I Always Get What I Want"
  8. "Alice"
  9. "When You're Gone"
  10. Fix You (Coldplay cover)
  11. "When You're Gone"
  12. "Wish You Were Here"
  13. "Untitled III" Instrumental (contains elements of "Unwanted", "Freak Out" and "Losing Grip")
  14. "Girlfriend"
  15. "Don't Tell Me"
  16. "I'm with You"
  17. "Complicated"
She was half an hour late due to a security issue which some claim was a car breakdown, whilst others say she was attacked. She tweeted saying she was scared for her life. Must've been serious.

I really liked her performance of Alice on the piano and her 'Fix You' cover was phenomenal. I also adored her Airplanes prelude into Happy Ending, then Don't Tell Me and I'm With You. Perfect trio of songs to do back to back.

Halfway through the concert she also lost her voice- she missed a high note whilst she was on the piano singing 'When You're Gone' (3:18 in this video here), smiled at her pianist, and ploughed on. Towards the end, it was clear she was struggling, but we were all just singing for her/with her anyway so it was fine. 

Annoyingly, she had to cut it short (maybe because of curfew, maybe her voice), meaning we missed out on several AMAZING songs: Push, Nobody's Home, I love You which were meant to be part of the encore... I wished she finished with I love You instead of Complicated, or sang 'Goodbye' just for us, though knowing how personal it is to her...

She was crying as she left which was really sad. Overall, it was amazing to see her live and it was definitely an intimate show which was nice- I'd really love to have heard more from 'Goodbye Lullaby' but due to the circumstances that took place, I'm just glad she made it at all! I cannot wait to hear more about her upcoming fifth album which is already in the works, and the rumour that she's switched to Epic from RCA could mean her next album will be more successful commercially. 

See more pictures below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 2 Recap

The girls talk about the prizes and return to the house. Whilst they're playing dress up, Tyra pays them a visit, bringing along Martin Lindstrom, global branding person. Note that Allison is wearing a Spirithood (at least it looks like a Spirithood), which ANTM Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox modelled for. :3 sooo cute.

Anyway, Martin tells them that each of the girls should be associated with a single word that they're remembered for and his results come from fan polls, which get's Alex worried. He tells Lisa that her fans do not trust her at all and that her word is 'daring', so she is asked to break all the rules. Kayla was told that being lesbian and representing the GLBT community was five years ago, it does not make her unique and that she needs a new word which he gives her as being 'free', which Kayla questions.

Angelea was told that fans compared her to 'cheap shoes' LOL! Alexandria was told that fans found her annoying, so was given the word 'tough'. I kind of feel sorry for Alex after last week's fan outrage and also how she's being treated on the show... not even sure these fan polls are real, at least in relation to the word!

Contestant brand word summary:
Sheena- Unexpected
Kayla- Free
Shannon- Trustworthy
Dominique- Survivor
Allison- Unique
Angelea- Persistence
Bre- Girlfriend
Camille- Proud
Isis- Inspiration
Laura- Loveable
Alexandria- Tough
Bianca- Candid

I think some of these words are completely ridiculous and don't mean anything to the girls and cannot take them in ANY direction. Whilst Laura can be uncontrollably loveable and Allison's just unique, how is Shannon going to purposefully remain trustworthy? Sounds like more trash Tyra is throwing into the show. No offence Tyra!

The opening of ANTM cut through 'word giving' for some strange reason, so I'll talk about it now instead. It's a new opening which is refreshing just showing the models having fun, taking turns at owning that tiara. I like it more towards the end with the crazy lipstick/juice/blood whatever it is being smeared on the screen etc.

Loved that Allison was first and wearing the tiara. Laura and Alexandria also had cool parts in it.

The girls get taken to a studio to do their photo shoot, but before that, they get their makeovers. Greeted by Ashlee Simpson, they're told about how important image is blah blah...

Alexandria is told she's getting short hair, which she's surprisingly happy with. Kayla is brought back to red, Lisa's hair gets chopped, Bre's head is shaved and she breaks down, wanting to go home. Sheena is told she'd get a very short cut by Ms Jay which freaks her out but he's only joking! Pah!

For their photo shoot, the girls will be designing their own hot dog and modelling for Pink's Hot Dog, with the best photo featured on their website.

Laura does a good job- loved that she smeared sauce all over her. Camille was called tense, and was asked to watch Laura and learn. Kayla thought Alexandria was not being 'tough' with her photo shoot. Kayla struggled with the shoot and Jay said she was difficult to watch. Lisa, for her hot dog, called it the 'skinny little bitch' which was a veggie hot dog with no bun. LOOOL that's a good one. I really don't get what Bre is complaining about. Her new makeover is STUNNING compared to that crazy curly mass which makes her look so old! 

At panel, Nigel does not see 'survivor' in Dominique's picture. I was so glad Tyra picked up on my narrative when I saw the photo- I was like she looks like an actress caught with a hot dog. Most girls get good critique. Camille was critiqued for being too pageanty.

I think Isis' photograph is disturbing. You're a woman now, your hand should not rest there!! Leon says he'd be 'running away from it'. DRECK! Allison was advised not to go too cute and Nigel picked up on Kayla's comment on how Alexandria might be too sweet and not tough in her photo. Shannon looks gorgeous in her photo!

Lisa was praised for being 'daring' but I just think it's disgusting for her to have food in her mouth. As a hot dog eater, I'd be slightly repulsed and wouldn't want one of their hot dogs if I saw that ad. Bre was asked what happened to her sparkle, which I really miss as well, there was a fire in her in cycle 5 which made her likeable... hmm... 

Nothing really new was said at deliberation. I have a feeling Sheena will be cut because she's not being unexpected... but who will get first call out? Lisa, probably for being what her word is, but by far, is not the best as a photograph. :/ Bianca might also have a shot.

So who stays and who goes? The first girl called is...


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