Thursday, 25 August 2011

Watford Grammar School Leavers Ball 2011

I went to my school's leaver's prom on Tuesday night~ had no idea what expect having never been to something like this before but had a great time! The food was a complete disappointment though. Described as a 'three course buffet', I thought the sandwiches were the starter, along with samosas, some meat bits, fried fish-like things and doritos. The dessert was perhaps the best thing there (strawberry cheesecake and some chocolate mousse-like cake) though expected there to be more.

Our 'surprises' of the night included fireworks and chinese lanterns which I really enjoyed- it was very much like the scene in 'Tangled' :3. Funny to see a few people's lanterns go bust, and hope the neighbours of Sopwell House won't have too many fires in their garden as they fall and combust.

And we pretty much killed the photobooth that was available; we just couldn't get enough of the crazy posing... luckily the guy forgot to open the curtain when our second go had ended, so we hurriedly pressed 'start' again to get another set XD 

Thanks to Si and Ange for organising the event- (will need to get that pic of my message to him made out of chocolate, silver stars and candle wax)!

It was really great seeing everyone in the year (well, nearly everyone) and just bookending this chapter of my life (as cringe-inducing as that sounds)... can't wait to start uni now! :D 

[NOTE: Some of these photos have been stolen from someone who just told me they read my blog- loool- you know who you are and thanks for reading! XD]

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