Wednesday, 24 August 2011

This Dark Endeavours by Kenneth Oppel Book Trailer Preview

I can't wait for Kenneth Oppel's upcoming new book, This Dark Endeavours, and the newly released trailer for it is even more of a tease!

Synopsis: "In this prequel to Mary Shelley’s gothic classic, Frankenstein, 16-year-old Victor Frankenstein begins a dark journey that will change his life forever. Victor’s twin, Konrad, has fallen ill, and no doctor is able to cure him. Unwilling to give up on his brother, Victor enlists his beautiful cousin Elizabeth and best friend Henry on a treacherous search for the ingredients to create the forbidden Elixir of Life. Impossible odds, dangerous alchemy and a bitter love triangle threaten their quest at every turn.

Victor knows he must not fail. But his success depends on how far he is willing to push the boundaries of nature, science, and love – and how much he is willing to sacrifice." 

At first, I kind of question whether this will be a bit too 'Twilight-esque' but I trust Oppel's writing ability having read the 'Airborn' trilogy and even if it is of THAT sort, I'm sure it'll be far better. The book will be out in the UK on Oct 6th.

Check out the trailer below:

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