Friday, 26 August 2011

Rihanna Cheers (Drink to That) Official Music Video

Rihanna's video to her latest single 'Cheers' is out now, featuring concert footage and some clips of her having fun on tour as well as short cameos from Miss Avril Lavigne, whose song 'I'm With You' is sampled in the track!

Miss Lavigne is seen having a drink, as well as being pushed into a pool. There are other shots that look like they could be Avril, but are too dark to be recognised. Rihanna on the other hand enjoys eating a coconut and having fun backstage.

This was one of my fav tracks on Rihanna's LOUD album [See review HERE], so check out the music video for Cheers below:

Taylor Swift also recently released a video using concert footage of single 'Sparks Fly'. Also check out Avril Lavigne's latest album 'GOODBYE LULLABY'.

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