Thursday, 18 August 2011

Results Day 2011!

So it's that time of year again, where students are frantic about their results. This morning, we were all scrambling to log onto UCAS Track, only to find that it's servers can't contain all of us and the result is that none of us could get on... *sigh* and it was still down at around 11am. Not sure if it's up now, but I got my grades and a confirmation letter from UCAS so screw Track!!

I predicted my worse case scenario was AABC and my best case scenario was AAAB, omitting A*s as I wasn't actively aiming for them, but they'd be a nice bonus. I got somewhere between my two scenarios, getting A*A*BB which I guess you can say averages out to AAAA (lol), and including my A in Chinese, that's an average of 5 As. YAYs to that!

Extremely pleased that I managed to get a B in Chemistry, given I pretty much gave up on the subject halfway through the year when I didn't understand a single thing we were being taught, and the chemical reactions we had to learn for the exams were insane. There was no POINT to any of it and I just wasn't going to waste my time doing, so glad I got what I got! Surprisingly, I got a D in my coursework and a C and E in the written papers, so happy I did well at AS to get myself a B, without much effort this year!

I was slightly disappointed with my Biology, given I really think I deserve an A having done two retakes (getting an A from a C, and a B from a D), but the module I did in the summer and the coursework, I got a B in both... and the result was that I was only 4 UMS short of an A. ARGHH It's most frustrating when you're SOO close! Though I'm not going to bother with a remark as it doesn't really affect anything, and I know myself that I did well and feel proud of my achievement!

Maths and Art both A* very happy with that; Maths especially, given I was not at all aiming for it, then after both exams I felt really confident about it and even felt bad that it's within reach but I didn't do as much as I should to get it, but I got it, so YAY!! Plus I got my first 100% in the C3 module and 98% in the C4!

So I'm heading off to Nottingham to study architecture- can't wait- so excited!!

For all of you who achieved your grades, congratulations! And for those of you that didn't get what you wanted, don't worry, there's always more than one path you can take to achieve your dreams!


  1. Congratulations! Those are superb results, you can be very proud of yourself :D hope you're celebrating hard! Best of luck at Nottingham - I'm sure you'll love it, and judging by these marks you'll do very well!

  2. Thanks so much!! Will share/blog more about my uni experience as I go!


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