Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 8 Recap (SERIES FINALE)

So this is the last episode of the season, and of the series, as the show was unfortunately cancelled! It was just getting good with the very clever story linkages in the episodes and the return of hilarious Becki Newton, bringing in some sort of more continuous storyline among these truncated escapades. 

Anyway, the first segment is titled "Bad In Bedbugs" and features Michelle Trachtenburg's return! YAY! Jodie moves in with her boyfriend but starts to itch and thinks he has bedbugs. They call in a "bedbug exorcist" with a hilarious dialogue between the two. 

Jodie's BF: "My friend knows a guy, they call him the bedbug exorcist."
Jodie: "I don't want to convert them to christianity, I want to KILL them".

They get evacuated from their home and ejected from the hotel which causes trauma between the pair. Jodie's boyfriend goes back to him home but Jodie doesn't. She calls Annie. As Annie is producing breast milk after giving birth, she is trying to stop them by icing them; she tells Jodie her "boobs are producing ice cream" and that she has "boobsicles". LOL. Anyway, Jodie goes back to her boyfriend's flat after Annie offers her flat to Jodie.

"I was choking" is the title of the second segment which brings back Judd's neighbours... wasn't very interesting apart from the two different viewpoints of an earthquake.

The last segment "Viral Proposals" sees Matt question if he should propose to his girlfriend Amanda or if he should take a risk with Annie, who he can't stop thinking about. As his friend prepares an elaborate flash mob proposal for his girlfriend, Matt realises Amanda isn't the one, so he breaks up with her.

The final sequence sees Annie talk with her sister about Matt and how she thinks they were meant to be together, like it's fate or something... and then as they walk away, Matt emerges behind them and walks in the other direction. AND IT ENDS LIKE THIS. I love it and hate it at the same time... like it doesn't explicitly say they get together, but you know they will do... I guess this was for the off chance that this show wouldn't be cancelled so they can prolong their relationship, but awww.. such a cute ending. 

Shame the show was cancelled, Becki was hilarious as Annie and the things that she says... :(

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