Thursday, 18 August 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Titled 'Ben and Marissa', Colleen's heartbroken nephew Ben is staying as she and Judd go away to New York, whilst her friend Marissa crashes at her house because her husband forgot her birthday. Ben starts clinging to Marissa after a night together and she returns to her husband, telling him that the reason Gwendy or whatever that girls name is broke up with him because he's too clingy and they need space. 

'Steffi and Tommy' is the second segment. After waking up with Tommy, Steffi gets told her dad had a heart attack and needs to rush to hospital, forcing Tommy to give her a lift despite him having to go to a football game. As he leaves the hospital to go to the game, he realises she left her phone and so must return it to her.

Meeting her family at the hospital, he then gets dragged along to her house to help Steffi pick up some stuff for her dad. After comforting her, and finally saying something right, they get together. This was quite a sweet storyline and has some really deep emotional themes! 

Third segment 'Dale and Audrey' sees Dale (Christopher Gorham, Henry from Ugly Betty), a lawyer, prepare for having a baby, though tempted by their hot French receptionist (who has the essence of Amanda from Ugly Betty, who was played by Becki Newton). In the end, he overcomes temptation and realises he's more excited for the baby than anything.

We soon find out that this is the couple Annie is having a baby for. This episode has done some really impressive links with the three storylines, especially in the scene when Colleen is on the phone to Ben, which is also when Dale comes out of the restaurant with the receptionist, as well as when Steffi and Tommy are stuck in the car. 

Another segment cross is when Dale runs into the hospital to grab the wheelchair as Tommy and Steffi are in the lobby. Also, the recurring giraffe with top hat toy.

At the end of the episode, Becki Newton reappears. Annie has given birth. Becki has given birth (in real life). It was really interesting to see her face as she seems genuinely fond of babies- it must be a motherly thing given she just gave birth. Also, there is real chemistry/buzz when Christopher Gorham interacts with her, which must be due to their previous work on Ugly Betty, which is really cool. I am beginning to really like how the show is tying the segments together, with some segments having some real heart and emotion. I am also really glad that Becki Newton is back and hopefully see her in the final episode.

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