Thursday, 11 August 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Bridget tells her boyfriend Jeff about her uniform fetish in the first segment titled 'Fetishes'. He tries to seduce her by being in uniform, but upon failing, tells her he has a foot fetish to make her feel better. Trying to please Jeff, Bridget offers her feet to Jeff, but he is unable to go through with it and they end up being completely open with one another.

The storyline here is pretty predictable though Bridget's friend is quite hilarious as she's getting her pedicure.

'Becky's Situation' centres on Judd's niece Becky, who thinks she might have an STD. Her two friends (one is the Asian girl from Gossip Girl?) freak her out and she loses focus whilst she's driving with Judd. Upon crashing into a mailbox she tells Judd and they go to a clinic together. 

Everything turns out fine and she even manages to rekindle the relationship with her mother who she previously thought was too protective.

Kristen (Becky's Mum from the second segment) dates 'Creepy Dad' Brian, who tries so hard not to be creepy he ends up making it worse. After their date, he sends her a creepy email but accidentally sends it to all the mothers at the school, accidentally bakes phallic cookies and accidentally grabs another mother's boob by tripping up at the parent meeting.

His daughter Maddy's really cute though and when she gives him the 365 things she loves about him, that was a really sweet moment.

Overall, this was another good episode, and still no sign of Becki Newton :P

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