Friday, 5 August 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

'There goes my hero' sees a rare first segment which doesn't include Becki Newton yet interested me. Sam, recently on a break with Prudence, sees her on TV kissing his hero baseball player Dante. When they all go out for dinner, Sam witnesses Dante flirting with another woman and urges him to come clean to Prudence. 

Dante makes a deal with Sam, that if he could strike him out, he would tell Prudence. Though unable to beat Dante on the field, he switches phones with him and hands it to Prudence, asking her to hold it for him. Dante gets a saucy text from the girl and Prudence finds out, in the end returning to Sam. 

This was a surprisingly sweet, story and I liked the simple 'twist' at the end. 

The second second is titled 'A Sexual Haunting', which sees Judd and Colleen looking to buy a new house. Whilst looking, Colleen recalls having sex in the house they're looking at, the realtor tells her not to tell him and to save it for his funeral, saying "he does have a heart attack body". LOL! 

Another hilarious phrase is when Judd's friend Dan tells him to 'sexorcise' the house, which they actually end up doing when they decide to buy it, only to discover that the owner does not remember Colleen at all!

The final segment "Not to Speak" sees Julia choose between a promotion at work and her personal life with hunky Brazilian Marcelo. Urged by her friends to choose Marcelo, she struggles to give up her career and says goodbye to him. Hilarious is her colleague Dennis.

Surprised this episode was so good without Becki Newton; maybe it is because she is getting too big and ready to have her baby?? Will definitely miss her if she's not in the rest of the eps and hope they are just as good as this or I might give up watching!

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