Friday, 5 August 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Been away for a month so will finally catch up with the remaining episodes of 'Love Bites'. Episode 4's first segment is called 'Sunday Fun Day', in which Judd gets high with his wife but then has to attend a christening... where he is the Godfather.

This segment was rather boring and really does not reflect what this show could be. Thankfully, the second part 'Kiss and Tell' immediately brought the humour back thanks to Becki Newton. The beginning was really funny when she gets a parking ticket and she yells at the ticket woman, the face she pulls during this is insane!!

In this segment Annie's niece Christy, takes a freshman, Josh Ford, to the senior prom. Despite them having a good time, Josh is a terrible kisser and she ends up posting it all over the internet.

Josh seeks his friends for help, only to discover that he truly likes someone else and rejects Christy. In the middle, Annie hilariously leaves a toilet cubicle and bumps into Matt (Matt Long) which makes me wonder if he could be her love interest? They are so funny/awkward together!

The last segment is called 'I need Space', which is the happenings at the Space station the school at the second segment were supposed to hold a video chat with... one of the astronauts find out his wife is cheating on them and deals with letting her go. Ken Jeong (from Hangover) cameos here but doesn't get enough to shine.

Overall, the whole episode deals with some good issues but doesn't capture me like the earlier ones; Becki Newton's segments are always the best ones and what is keeping me here watching the show.

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