Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Film Review

Watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with my cousin in Hong Kong. Remembered watching the first one somewhere but wasn't too impressed, though was quite pleasantly surprised with this one.

The story follows Po as he is sent on a mission to defeat Lord Shen, an evil tyrant who has killed the panda race, whilst uncovering the truth about his past and who he really is. 

I really liked the beginning as they retold the story of Shen's upbringing in papercut. 

The pace was pretty quick and the story progressed well. Every scene was relevant and it was told in a really mature way despite it being a children's film due to the themes explored in this sequel. Po's memories and flashbacks stem from some quite sinister actions of Shen. 

And how cute is baby Po!? I just want to cuddle it! Is there a plush of baby Po? Tell me there is!!!!

That said, the film manages to bring many upbeat moments which balance these rather grown up themes into a very well rounded movie. I particularly liked the scene where the team are in the lion dance outfit and gobble up Shen's minions like Pac-man. Fav scene of mine!

Each character brought something to the team and a different personality, each having their own comical part in the film, allowing you to relate to these characters. The attention to detail of the animals and the physical anatomy allowed them to do something quite spectacular comedically.

In particular, the way they suited Shen up with his weapons, hiding them in the feathers, and the way they moved as he opened and closed them really made him so sinister! 

As the film climaxed, there were many a tense moment and at one point, I really did not know how the film would resolve. Whilst it was quite obvious a happy ending would be achieved, I could not comprehend how they would do it. The ending was very clever in the way that it was expressed in the beginning, carrying this idea through to the end as being the resolve. 

The final scene did shock me a bit, as it not only acts as a precursor for a potential third movie, but really warms you to see what they show you (won't spoil)!!!

~~~3D EFFECTS~~~
The 3D does make China look very beautiful and mystical, there was one or two 'Wow' moments but most of it was just for aesthetics.

Jack Black- Po
Angelina Jolie- Tigress
Dustin Hoffman- Shifu
Gary Oldman- Shen
Jackie Chan- Monkey
Seth Rogen- Mantis
Lucy Liu- Viper
David Cross- Crane

I was really surprised by this movie and will definitely re-watch the first one. The plot is solid and is well paced, balancing humour with some mature themes, which make this quite a meaningful movie. Tension and Excitement build up towards the climax only to be resolved by a consistent solution; the movie finishes off with a shocking yet peaceful catharsis which makes you think what might happen next. 

A film suitable for adults and children alike! Definitely one to go see!

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