Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kelly Clarkson 'Stronger' Album Preview

We have been waiting a while for a new Kelly Clarkson album since 2009's 'All I Ever Wanted' and one is coming soon, titled 'Stronger'.

The lead single "Mr Know It All" will be out in about a week's time on September 5th, but it has just leaked online (poor Kelly)! 'Mr Know It All' is catchy and I'm liking her rough voice, definitely a nice step up from the bubblegum that is 'All I ever Wanted' and returning to the 'Breakway' sound. She has been the victim of so many leaks: "Cleopatra", "Lover Stay", "Tell Me A Lie", "Let Me Down", "I Forgive You", "Dumb+Dumb=You", "What Doesn't Kill You" and "Dark Side".

Some of these may still appear in her upcoming album as the singer insists that none of them are the "final" version. Personally, I love 'Dark Side' as well as 'Dumb + Dumb = You'; the former being angsty yet catchy (competition to 'Since You Been Gone') and the latter is just sheer indulgent pop rock with candifloss lyrics... I hope they will make the cut!

If these songs are anything to go by, 'Stronger' will be an incredible album that will rival her perfect album and one of my all time favourite albums 'Breakaway'. I can't wait!

The album cover and official tracklist are yet to be released. I'll keep you updated on any more news!

The album will be out October 25th, in time for my birthday *hint hint* haha. but don't all go rushing to buy it for me ;)

UPDATE: Some new info has been released from Kelly's first livestream.

  1. Mr. Know It All
  2. What Doesn't Kill You
  3. Dark Side
  4. Honestly
  5. You Love Me
  6. Einstein
  7. Standing In Front Of You
  8. I Forgive You
  9. Hello
  10. The War Is Over
  11. Let Me Down
  12. You Can't Win
  13. Breaking Your Own Heart
  14. Don't You Wanna Stay (w/ Jason Aldean)
  15. Alone
  16. Don't Be A Girl About it
  17. The Sun Will Rise

I'm glad Let Me Down is on the album. I wonder if Einstein is the same as Dumb+Dumb=You? I'm surprised her other collabs aren't on the album yet 'Don't you Wanna Stay' will be on it. :S Excited!!!

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