Saturday, 13 August 2011

Eat, Pray, Love DVD Film Review

My mum loves Julia Roberts so I thought I'd get this for her and ended up watching it.

The DVD cover is pretty fun, of Julia Roberts eating ice cream in Italy with a semi smile on her face, which does make you smile and already makes you 'feel good', the second picture of her with Javier Bardem, which annoyed me a bit as it kind of gave it away that he will be the one she will 'love again' with.

On a business trip to Bali, medicine man Ketut tells Liz she will lose all her money and that she will have two marriages, a long and a short one. Liz (Julia Roberts), realising she is unhappy in her marriage, leaves her husband. After her divorce with Stephen (Billy Crudup), and a directionless fling with David (James Franco), Liz goes on a trip of self discovery to Italy, India and Bali.

Through meeting friends and being with their families, eating good food and forgiving herself, she learns to let herself go and opens herself to love again.

I thought the pace of the movie was pretty quick to begin with, then began to drag after she leaves Rome. With three places to visit, you constantly wonder when she will leave and move on. At just over 2 hours long, sometimes you'd wish it would hurry up. I sat there counting down to how many places she had to visit left. 

That said, the sites shown were beautiful and it did make you want to go there. The people, scenarios and things Liz sees is quite eye opening and deals with a lot of issues which affect her and the subtle clues and ideas she picks up from each place does contribute to her self discovery. The ending brings together everything she's seen and in this way finishes well, leaving you content and "feeling good". 

Whilst it is claimed to be based on a true story and adapted from the book, some of the things that happens seem really bizarre and I wonder if it really did happen.

Julia Roberts- Liz Gilbert
Billy Crudup- Stephen
Hadi Subiyanto- Ketut
James Franco- David
Javier Bardem- Felipe

Julia Roberts, in some scenes, did not look like Julia Roberts, which was really strange given her iconic face, but anyway, she did a good job. There were a few scenes I thought she was very believably emotional yet genuine.

Eat, Pray, Love is a  heartwarming film for anybody, though it is a tad too long and dragged on for a bit. Also agood holiday commercial for Rome, India and Bali.

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