Saturday, 6 August 2011

China Photography

On my trip to china (see blog about it here), I was able to see many brilliant sights and stunning architecture, the ancient vs modern, whilst different physically and materially, was rooted from the same culture, history and tradition that China is known for.
I was awestruck by the details, shapes and forms that I'd witnessed and how there is meaning behind almost everything, the number of gates, the colours etc. 

China is such a fascinating place and I can't wait to visit again. Check out the best pics below:



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  1. You are a very talented photographer, and China looks like a very beautiful country! I hope I can visit it one day and see some of these amazing sights for myself :)

    I've just given you a Liebster Blog Award :D it's well deserved! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! http://betweenthelines--bookre​​t-be-award-season.html


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